Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy Tour: Double Vision

March's CSFF book tour showcases Randy Ingermanson's latest novel: Double Vision.

Double Vision is a humourous romantic suspense novel set in contemporary times. The leading man, Dillon Richard, is a brilliant engineer with Asperger's Syndrome, a high-functioning form of autism. Dillon's never had a girlfriend before. Now he's got two leading candidates . . . Rachel Meyers, girl genius biophysicist, is as free-spirited and loosey-goosey as Dillon is uptight and rigid. Keryn Wills, the company chief financial officer, is a mystery novelist who's got her eye on Dillon and who might have a chance -- if only Rachel weren't working with him on a secret quantum computing project that could break the standard encryption schemes. And oh yeah, plunge the world's financial institutions into chaos. Somebody Bad seems to know they're developing this new toy, and all of a sudden, Rachel, Keryn, and Dillon don't have time for a silly love triangle, because somebody is trying really hard to kill them.

The Synopsis:

Dillon Richard is a brilliant and meticulous engineer, respected by his co-workers at CypherQuanta, but he has never had a woman interested in him before. Now he's got two, and they're giving him double vision . . .
Rachel Meyers is a quirky, erratic biophysicist who has just developed a quantum computer that will change the world. If Rachel and Dillon can bring it to market, CypherQuanta will be worth billions. But someone is determined to steal the secret . . . and create a rift between Rachel and Dillon.
Keryn Wills is a mystery novelist and part-time chief financial officer at CypherQuanta. She desperately needs to keep Rachel and Dillon working together to finish the project, but she desperately doesn't want them to be friends. Now Keryn finds herself on the run, like a character in one of her own novels, as somebody begins tightening a noose around her and Rachel and Dillon. Somehow, she needs to unravel this mystery -- before it unravels her.
Three secrets. Two women. One man. No time.

Raves for Double Vision:

T. Davis Bunn, bestselling novelist: "Great characters and an intriguing premise make for a fascinating look into the realm of higher physics. Welcome to the day after tomorrow. A very solid read."

Sylvia Bambola, author of Refiner's Fire, Tears in a Bottle, and Waters of Marah: "Unique characters and a plot that has more twists and turns than the Cretan Labyrinth makes Randall Ingermanson's Double Vision a real page-turner."

Colleen Coble, author of Into the Deep: "I can't rave enough about Double Vision, Randall Ingermanson's new novel. I don't know when I've read a novel so impossible to put down. Suspenseful action played out with larger-than-life characters makes Double Vision truly unforgettable. I predict it will be a book everyone talks about and no one wants to miss experiencing."

Hugh Ross, Ph.D. astrophysicist, President, Reasons To Believe: "Double Vision gives readers a delicious insight into the world of cutting-edge technology AND into the personalities such a world attracts. Rich character development, an unpredictable plot, and plausible physics makes this novel a thoroughly engaging read."

Gail Gaymer Martin, author of Adam's Promise and Loving Care: "With three unlikely intriguing characters who jump off the page and a maze of tense bio-tech suspense, you'll have blurred eyesight as you try to untangle the twists and turns of Randy Ingermanson's page-turner, Double Vision."

Sample chapters of Double Vision are available for reading.

Who is Randy Ingermanson?

Besides being a real cut-up with an incredibly dry sense of humour (check out his website), Mr. Ingermanson is a talented writer who just happens to also be a physicist! His fiction writing includes:

Oxygen (co-authored by John Olson)
Fifth Man
Ingermanson has also written a non-fiction book: Who Wrote the Bible Code?

Awards (and this fellow has a truckful of them):

Writer of the Year in March of 1999 at the Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference.

Who Wrote the Bible Code?



  • local award from the San Diego Book Awards Association in the Historical Fiction category
  • Book of the Year award from the American Christian Romance Writers in the "Long Historical Novel" category

Double Vision
Randall Ingersonman
Bethany House, November 2004
ISBN: 978-0764227332

http://www.rsingermanson.com/index.html http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/asin/0764227335

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Visit Randy's website http://www.rsingermanson.com/index.html
Amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/asin/0764227335