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Alice M. Roelke

"The Space Station Murders" by A. M. Roelke - 20,000 word sf / mystery
novella-- scheduled for release May 2011

my website:
This contains a list of my published stories, and links where applicable.

my writing blog:

my book review blog:

Andrea Graham

Co-author, Tales of the Dim Knight (Splashdown Books 2010)

Website:  Helping you whip flabby novel manuscripts into shape.
Asst.Editor, Laser & Sword Magazine

Social Media:

"Frozen Generation" in Light at the Edge of Darkness (anthology)

Email: andrea at povbootcamp dot com

Brandon Barr
(Brandon's short stories)
"When the Sky Fell" (science fiction novel)
"American Midnight" (Contemporary suspense novel)
(Email) bjbstories AT yahoo DOT com

Bryan Thomas Schmidt

Blog ("Scribblings")
FaceBook (Bryan Thomas Schmidt/El Paso)
Goodreads:  Bryan Thomas Schmidt (author)
“The North Star Serial,” SS Publications, May 2010 (space opera)
“The Worker Prince,” Forthcoming (space opera)
“Sandman,” Work In Progress (epic fantasy)

Caprice Hokstad
aka C.F. Vici (pen name)

Website (Fantasy)
"The Duke's Handmaid" Ascendancy Trilogy, book 1 (fantasy novel)
"Nor Iron Bars a Cage" Ascendancy Trilogy, book 2 (fantasy novel)

Website (Science Fiction)
"Redemption" (seaQuest DSV fanfiction novel)
"Hard Time" (seaQuest DSV fanfiction novel)

Carol Parsons
Advent Phoenix (sci fi)
Dictates of Conscience (Kindle e-book sci fi)
Raklin (coming out Sept 2010 Kindle e-book sci fi)
editor The Colorado City Record  website:
How you look at the world, depends on where you are.

Craig Dressler
Published fantasy: Hafren: A Fantasy for the Young at Heart

Dylan Higgins

Social: facebook  | twitter  | goodreads  | artistsmecca 

Published Works
Awakening: Book One of The Emblem & The Lantern

Works in Progress
Stirring: Book Two of The Emblem & The Lantern

Press & Reviews

Free "Awakening" Soundtrack Downloads
Folk Soundtrack: Noisetrade | Bandcamp 
Classical Soundtrack: Here 

Ellen C. Maze
Author of Curiously Spiritual Vampire and Paranormal Fiction

Forrest W. Schultz

Articles, Book Reviews, and Comments --

Short Stories -- 

Frank Creed

Flashpoint: Book One of the UNDERGROUND
War of Attrition: Book Two of the UNDERGROUND

Devil's Hit List: Book Three of the UNDERGROUND

Light at the Edge of Darkness (Contributor)
Underground Rising (Editor and Contributing Author)
Tales of the Thrifty Barbarian (Contributor)

Fred Warren

Twitter: frederation
E-mail: frwarren AT yahoo DOT com

“Redemption” in Postcards From… (‘zine no longer available)
The Devil’s Temp” in A Fly in Amber
“Intervention” in Sand: A Journal of Strange Tales (Vol 2 & Year One Anthology)
A Taste of Honey” in Residential Aliens
“Belphemor’s Minion” in Sorcerous Signals (no longer archived)
Mound of Mud” in MindFlights (and in Residential Aliens print anthology, While the Morning Stars Sing)
 Little Piece of Cloth” in Every Day Fiction (and in Best of Every Day Fiction Two print anthology)
Half” in Every Day Fiction
“The Silver Tree” in Kaleidotrope (print 'zine, April 2010)
“The Chamber of Doors” in Bards & Sages Quarterly (print edition here)

Grace Bridges, science fiction author

Faith Awakened (2007/2nd. Ed. 2009)
Legendary Space Pilgrims (2010)

Short Stories:
Invasion at Wayfarer's Journal, February 2007
Second Site at Digital Dragon Magazine, August 2009
Zara's Quest at Digital Dragon Magazine, February 2010
Fungus Among Us at The Cross and Cosmos, March 2010 (PDF, see page 3)
A Stretch of Time at Residential Aliens, July 2010

Serial Story:
Comet Born at Digital Dragon Magazine:

List of interviews, bio, and other links:

Greg Mitchell

"The Coming Evil, Book One: The Strange Man" coming February 2011 from Realms Fiction. A Christian Horror/Monster novel inspired by my faith and my unashamed love of fun "creature features". Plot: Dras (pronounced drAHz) Weldon is a twenty-two year old unemployed washout. He lives in a world populated by horror movies and comic books, content to hide in the shadow of adolescence. He must change, however, when a demon known only as "The Strange Man" comes to his small town of Greensboro and threatens Dras' best friend, Rosalyn Myers. Suddenly thrust into a race against the clock, Dras must now turn to a God he'd all but forsaken and battle demonic forces in an effort to save Rosalyn from the coming evil.

My short stories:
"Flowers for Shelly" featured in Coach's Midnight Diner: Back from the Dead Edition

"Halloween: White Ghost" free internet exclusive story based on the original John Carpenter classic horror film Halloween

"Dusty Duck" Databank Entry on

Holly Heisey

(Holly Heisey)   

Illustrator: On the Road Home by Terry Burns (short story collection; western, contemporary, scifi)

Illustrator: Lost Island Smugglers by Max Elliot Anderson (youth adventure novel)

Illustrator: The Curse of Captain LaFoote by Eddie Jones (YA adventure fantasy novel) Fall 2010


Janalyn Voigt
Adventures Kissed by Romance
"DawnSinger," book one, "Tales of Faeraven" scheduled to release with Port Yonder Press in Fall 2011
"DawnSinger" Book Video:
Author Page on Facebook:
"Tales of Faeraven" Page on Facebook:

Johne Cook

Technical Writer / Creative Writer / Magazine editor

Stealing The Rose
(as Ian Stewart)
Short Story / Ray Gun Revival magazine  September, 2006
Anything worth having is worth stealing, and anything worth stealing is worth protecting.
Or is it?

The Reconstructed Man by Johne Cook
Short Story / Wayfarer's Journal magazine Febr, 2007
Does God answer the genuine prayers from Artificial Beings?

Blessed Are The Peacemakers (A Tenerife Tale)
Short Story / Digital Dragon magazine
July, 2009
Tenerife, a legendary former space marine, is caught between his principles and his duty as he juggles working for an old enemy while trying to forge a crucial treaty with a ferocious alien race.

Blessed Are the Persecuted (A Tenerife Tale)
Short Story / Digital Dragon magazine
June / July / August 2010
A former Space Marine battles to overcome a bigoted superior, keep his faith, and save a vital trading alliance with an intriguing species whose only constant is Change.

Deep Magic magazine (proofreader); 2003
The Sword Review magazine (Associate Editor); 2004
Dragons, Knights, and Angels magazine (Managing Editor); 2005
Ray Gun Revival magazine (Founder / Overlord); 2006 - present

The Sky Pirate
NaNoWriMo winner, 2004

The Adventures of the Sky Pirate
Serial novel started at Ray Gun Revival magazine, 2006 - present

Kat Heckenbach

Author of: Fantasy, Horror, Dark Fantasy, YA Fantasy

Artist/illustrator at Splashdown Books (

Links to my published short stories, info about my unpublished novels, and a slideshow of my artwork can be found at:

Website, "Finding Angel":

Email: kh (dot) findingangel (at) gmail (dot) com

Kimberli ReneƩ Campbell

The Sword of Light: Shayia’s Adventures – Book One (juvenile fantasy fiction) -
The Sword of Light Book Trailer -
Redemption: Shayia’s Adventures – Book Two (juvenile fantasy fiction) – Due Fall 2010

Lara Bowers

Lisa Matthews Collins

WIP: Lightbearer, fantasy.

coolvstar650 AT yahoo DOT com

Malcolm Cowen

SF, parallel worlds. Not keen on fantasy, unless it's Tolkein, Lewis, Pratchett, etc

Lady of Foxdale
Daughter of the King
Short Stories: see website
Email Address: via website

Martha Ramirez

Mike Lynch

When the Sky Fell (sci-fi novel):
When the Sky Fell blurb—Since the dawn of time an ancient evil has sought complete and unquestioned dominion over the galaxy, and they have found…us

American Midnight (contemporary suspense novel):
American Midnight blurb—A family torn apart, a country under siege from within, terrorist plots that will shake society to its core, and it’s all coming to a head in a quiet little town in Iowa

E-mail address:  lynchm AT esuhsd DOT org

"My Girlfriend" (humorous sci-fi short story) (issue 12)
"Mars Deep-Crust Mine ZB203-South" (horror/sci-fi short story)
"Alpha Redemption" (sci-fi novel)
Email Address:   pabaines AT gmail DOT com

Paulette Harris
Published  in non-fiction/fiction, articles, books, poetry, devotional books, e-zines.
Faith Deployed-Daily Encouragement for Military Wives has won the Bronze Medal Award in the spiritual/religious category of the Military Wives Society of America national contest.
I write for CMW magazine called Wives in Bloom.
Chicken Soup for the Soul

Bible Study completed, looking for a home and I have my
Sixth Novel wip. I love to write all types of things in a lot of genres but my favorite things to write are novels and in the supernatural genres with a hint of romance and sometimes historical.
coloradopolly AT yahoo DOT com

Phillip Campbell
"Tale of Manaeth"

Email is phicampiii AT gmail DOT com


Here's the link for my contact:

Robert Treskillard

Website (EpicTales):             
Website (King Arthur):        
Blog (Merlin’s Blade):           
Facebook (Robert Treskillard):
Merlin’s Blade (fantasy novel):
Contact Form:                         

Scott M. Sandridge

The Silverblade Prophecy podcast novel and



Sherry Thompson

Website (KhivasMommy)   
Blog ("Scribblings")                                       
FaceBook (Sherry Thompson/ Delaware)

"Seabird" Narentan Tumult #1 (fantasy novel)
"Earthbow Vol.1" Narentan Tumult #2 (fantasy novel)
"Earthbow Vol.2" Narentan Tumult #2 (fantasy novel)  Due August 2010

"Baffled by the Green Door" (creative nonfiction short story)
Written Remains Writers Guild "interview"
"The Hound, the Lamp Post and the Seabird" (essay)
"Charles Williams' World" (blog entry)

Email Address:   Khivas Mommy AT gmail DOT com

Tessa Stockton
Blog: Pressing Through
3-book Political Intrigue series coming soon from Risen Books
Allegorical Fantasy/YA series coming soon from OakTara Publishers
Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Shoutlife, YouTube.

Timothy Hicks
Author of: Fantasy, YA Fantasy, Science Fiction, Supernatural
Golden Opportunity, Fantasy
Window of My Soul, Science Fiction
Underground Rising (Contributing Author)

William R. McGrath
Author The Sword of Fire Trilogy
APOCALYPSE (release date Christmas 2011) 
Author's website:
YouTube Channel:
Martial Arts website:

Yvonne Anderson
Writes fiction that takes you out of this world.
Specifically, the space fantasy series Gateway to Gannahpublished by Risen Books.
Book 1, The Story in the Stars, published June, 2011.
Book 2, Words in the Wind, published August, 2012.
Book 3, Ransom in the Rock, in the publishing pipeline.
Book 4, The Promise in the Prism (tentatively), under construction.

Author site: Y's Words
Other blogs:
Contest administrator for Novel Rocket.
Contributor to Speculative Faith.

Connect with me on Twitter or Facebook.