News for June 12th, 2009

Tony Lavoie says:
I'm honored that my latest short story "Horses" is currently appearing in Digital Dragon Magazine's premiere issue. Who in the galaxy would need THAT many starships? :)
Find the answer at http://www.digitaldragonmagazine.net/lavoie-horses.php

Derek Gilbert says:
The audio podcast edition of The God Conspiracy went live Monday at PodioBooks.com. As of this writing, it's #1 on Podiobooks' daily chart and #6 most popular over the last 30 days.
You can check it out (and subscribe to update the downloads as I upload them) by clicking here (it's free): http://www.podiobooks.com/title/the-god-conspiracy


News for June 10th, 2009

Brandon Barr says:
"Digital Dragon is a new Christian sci-fi/fantasy magazine, and I'm pleased to announce that my 1,400 word short story, "The Seeker" is one of the featured stories in their premiere issue."
See Brandon's whole post here.

Fred Warren wrote a new review of Flashpoint by Frank Creed:
"An adrenalin-saturated cyberpunk adventure that grabbed me by the lapels in the first few pages and didn’t let go..."
Read Fred's review here.

This week the CFRB is touring Angel of Wrath by Bill Myers, a supernatural thriller.
Click here to go to the main tour posts with links to all participants.


News for June 8th, 2009

Frank Creed recommends this article by Brenda Nixon: "An author with whom I worked a book signing in Ohio. Brenda's a Facebook friend and super-hard-workin' lady." Check it out here: Selling Books - The Difference between Marketing and Promotion

A review by Grace Bridges about the new Star Trek movie has been posted at TitleTrakk.com: "Star Trek is a movie that delivers the fun and the action, and all the characters we love."

Jeremy Robinson says:
Feels like this day took forever in coming, but PULSE is finally here and available everywhere books are sold! This is my first major release and you should be able to find the book on Amazon and in Barnes&Noble, Borders, Waldenbooks, Books-A-Million, etc, along with most indie bookstores.
PULSE is my most action-packed and science based thriller to date, but is also jam packed with archeology, mythology and special ops craziness. Below is more information about the book, including the summary, author endorsements and links to the trailer and audio ad. PLEASE forwar
d this to any thriller reader you know and help spread the word!

Click here for more information about Pulse by Jeremy Robinson!