News for January 22nd, 2010

Coach's Midnight Diner has extended the submission deadline due to lack of stories! Yes, that's right, you now have until May 15th to get writing and send in some seriously weird tales. The list of what they're looking for is quite specific; if I were you I'd pop over to http://www.reliefjournal.com/2010/01/18/i-still-havent-found-what-im-looking-for and take a look at the categories they need.

A.P. Fuchs
Today, I launched a Youtube channel both to promote myself as a writer and reviewer, but also my company, Coscom Entertainment. Videos are already posted.
Please bookmark the following URL: http://www.youtube.com/canisterx
Hope you dig it.
A.P. Fuchs www.canisterx.com www.coscomentertainment.com


News from Digital Dragon Magazine

Digital Dragon Magazine is celebrating its first year!

T.W. Ambrose, Editor, says:

Fans, readers and contributors have most likely heard us (or seen us) talking about big things on the horizon. He have come to that point, and are pleased to announce The Year of the Dragon.

The editors here at Digital Dragon Magazine believe we have some of the best writers writing some of the best stories in the genre, and would like to help share them with the world with a Best-Of book for 2009. However with 7 issues, and around 50 short stories, articles, and poems, we would like (and, in fact, need) your input as to what to include.

Early in December, we started a page on the message board to give the writers and fans of Digital Dragon Magazine the chance to vote for some of their favorite stories. You can do so on the message board. You may also email your favorites directly at: digitaldragonmagazine@gmail.net

We hope you’ll take part in this once-in-a-lifetime event. Why "once in a lifetime?" Because, after all, Digital Dragon Magazine will only have one first year. This book will also be Diminished Media’s very first print publication.

Finally, as we look to the future of DDM, we hope to be able to use any profits made on the book to put towards paying our authors in the future.

So let me encourage you to hop on the message board or shoot us an email, and tell us what you have liked best about Digital Dragon Magazine 09 -- The Year of the Dragon.

[Full list of 2009 contributors: http://www.digitaldragonmagazine.net/contributors.php]


News for January 18th, 2010

New story at Mindflights: Phoenix by Alice M. Roelke
It was the man who'd started the fire. Or maybe a ghost. Perhaps he was neither....

A second chance is offered under "grim" circumstances in Kat Heckenbach's latest short story, "A Day Better Spent," now online in The Absent Willow Review.

And the second issue of the genre's newest ezine, The Cross and the Cosmos, is available now at http://crossandcosmos.com/