News for May 22nd, 2009

Check out this new interview with Stuart Stockton at http://lenanelsondooley.blogspot.com/2009/05/stuart-vaughn-stockton-starfire-free.html
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Mark your calendars: May 26th at 7pm PST in Second Life! Click here to teleport. This time we will be discussing LostCon, an in-world Christian Spec Fiction Convention. Join Terri Main and the Virtual LGG for some fellowship!


Tuck by Stephen Lawhead - the CSFF Tour

This week sees the Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy Tour focus on Tuck by Stephen Lawhead, Book 3 in the King Raven trilogy - a remake of the legends of Robin Hood. I've surfed the participants and pulled out various reviews for you to take a look at - and please do go and comment on these blogs, as this book has a great potential for in-depth discussion.

Brandon Barr: Stephen Lawhead - inspiration for would be writers

Keanan Brand: Rarely is anything worth winning obtained without struggle, or quickly, and rarely does one engaged in the endeavor emerge unchanged.

Books Hidden Corner: It is scary though how much a war can change a person. How fighting for one's life and for the lives of others can alter how one sees the world and how one acts towards the world.

Elizabeth Goddard posted a fascinating interview with Mr. Lawhead on the King Raven story.

FantasyThyme: The careful eye to detail for the countryside and the period by Lawhead shows through as he weaves his tale around the characters.

Rebecca LuElla Miller took a look at God in Tuck: And where does God fit in all this? Most interestingly, He appears as the characters in the story see Him.
And also wrote a review: Those who enjoy historical novels along with those who love mythic, legend-like stories will like this best.

Epic Rat: Something told me that he was more than a short, stout man with a receding hairline who could use a good tankard of ale.

Steve Rice: Tuck is a pacifist before the fight and a head-basher during it. This is called versatility.

Chawna Schroeder: Mr. Lawhead is a master storyteller and a master wordsmith. He has gained a reputation as one of the best Christian speculative fiction writers, and that reputation is well-earned.

Rachel Starr Thomson: What we know now as legend, old and familiar as the dusty books we read as children, began in the dark distance of the past as something else—as some truth we’ve changed until we remember things that never were and forget those that really happened.

Fred Warren: We watch Rhi Bran’s transformation from a bandit leader to a worthy king, with the help of wise advisors and loyal friends.

Phyllis Wheeler: It’s a great and riveting tale. Not only did the fantasy lovers in my household want to read it, but the historical fiction lovers too.

Novel Teen begins with a summary of the first two books in the series, Hood and Scarlet.


Website Focus: Yellow30 Sci-Fi

They call themselves an independent forum for science fiction, fantasy and alternate history - and a look at the small-press galaxy. As such, Yellow30 Sci-Fi has become established as a reputable source for reviews on little-known books of exactly the type that the Lost Genre Guild seeks to promote. Editor Steven Fivecats, Associate Editor Grace Lightfoot, and reviewers Mark Randell, Stefanie Longwood, Billi Caye, Ashley Ligon and Paul Dellinger have put in a great deal of work and written vast numbers of book reviews.

You can follow the review blogs at one of the following sites, which both have identical contents:

And here's a sample listing from their recent reviews, which are certainly worth checking out:

Mars Harvest by James Armentrout
"a bold new novel about humanity’s deep motivations...a believable portrayal of what space exploration may come to. A five star book for the serious science fiction fan."

Legend by Jude Hatcher Bangs
"Even if fantasy is not your genre, I would highly recommend this book, because in the end, it is a very enjoyable read and a fun story."

Light at the Edge of Darkness, edited by Cynthia MacKinnon
"The authors of these stories are well crafted word-smiths, who have sharpened their pens and powered-up their word processors to brings some nail biting and chill-bumps to raise the hairs on the back of any reader’s neck."

Rexcalibur: The Magic Returns, by Mitzi Kleidon
"Angels and demons clash with humanity as the descendants of the original knights of the Round Table are called together once again to save the kingdom."

Dragonsoar by Jonathan Christopher
"This faster paced novel will almost have you breathless and wanting to request some shore leave to recoup. Never a dull moment with this one."