Of Narnia and Rayguns!

In movie news, Narnia fans can be very relieved that Fox has picked up where Disney left off: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader will not be abandoned. More details on that here at the Narnia fan site.

Also, congrats to Ray Gun Revival on its 50th issue! You can get it here. Contents include:

The Silver Dollar Saucer by Lou Antonelli
Susie Earthshine, Space Substitute by Jeff Schnaufer
Terror Ride To Work by Robert Evans
No Remorse by George S. Walker
The Taming of the Shill - A Dean the Space Rogue Story by Andy Heizeler
Calamity's Child, Chapter Six: Rites of Passage - Dante's Fourth, by Gaslight, Part One by M. Keaton (Serial Fiction)
Thieves' Honor: Episode Five: The Game - Shooter by Keanan Brand (Serial Fiction)
Deuces Wild, Season Two by L. S. King (Serial Fiction)
This Raygun For Hire: The Great Author Affair by John M. Whalen (Serial Fiction)


Mindflights print edition; Frank Creed and Steve Rice reviews

The print edition for MindFlights' fourth quarter is now available for sale through Lulu.com. It contains select works from online issues from October through December plus one print-only story. Get your copy!

This issue includes:
"Gaming Real Life" by K.C. Shaw
"The Minstrel Addresses Her Audience" by Megan Arkenberg
"Dragonsaint" by D. G. D. Davidson
"Over the Edge" by Stephanie Green
"Unplugged" by Kristal M. Johnson
"The Void Test" by Therese L. Arkenberg
"The Book Signing" by Valerie L. Smith
Cover: "Winter Fantasy" by Anne Stokes

A new review for Frank Creed's Flashpoint has been posted at Associated Content by Kathryn Darden. Check it out here! She says: "The book is loaded with images and slang which will appeal to teens..."

And Leslie Sowell posted a new review for League of Superheroes by Stephen L. Rice, check it out here. She says: "The humor in this novel is wry, witty, and wise-cracking..."


Thoughtful Reading Matter and Free Stuff

The Writers' Café Press has posted three articles relating to the recent release Leaps of Faith, edited by Karina and Rob Fabian, with story excerpts at http://thewriterscafepressauthors.blogspot.com.

1. Space Exploration stories

2. the controversial Encountering Alien Life

3. Hard Sci-fi and Time Travel http://thewriterscafepressauthors.blogspot.com/2009/01/hard-sci-fi-time-travel-in-leaps-of.html

And there's lots of news from Marcher Lord Press:
New author Stuart Vaughn Stockton is holding a contest right now through April 1 (launch day for the second list) he with a ton of prizes at his Web page Heralds of the Starfire. One of those prizes is a complete set of the second lineup of Marcher Lord Press novels.

Also, if you sign up for Marcher Lord Press updates, you'll receive a free serialised novel by email. So what are you waiting for?