Mindflights print edition; Frank Creed and Steve Rice reviews

The print edition for MindFlights' fourth quarter is now available for sale through Lulu.com. It contains select works from online issues from October through December plus one print-only story. Get your copy!

This issue includes:
"Gaming Real Life" by K.C. Shaw
"The Minstrel Addresses Her Audience" by Megan Arkenberg
"Dragonsaint" by D. G. D. Davidson
"Over the Edge" by Stephanie Green
"Unplugged" by Kristal M. Johnson
"The Void Test" by Therese L. Arkenberg
"The Book Signing" by Valerie L. Smith
Cover: "Winter Fantasy" by Anne Stokes

A new review for Frank Creed's Flashpoint has been posted at Associated Content by Kathryn Darden. Check it out here! She says: "The book is loaded with images and slang which will appeal to teens..."

And Leslie Sowell posted a new review for League of Superheroes by Stephen L. Rice, check it out here. She says: "The humor in this novel is wry, witty, and wise-cracking..."

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