News for September 7th, 2009

Tony Lavoie says: I have a short story up this month at Digital Dragon Magazine (http://digitaldragonmagazine.net). It's a bit of a departure from my normal pieces. I wrote it as a story/poem, in the alliterative style of Beowulf and other epics. A lot of fun to write, not to mention a lot of pain, even for a mere 1500 words--I've never before had to work within such rigid rules (which I admit I did break frequently) for so long. Going through the process gave me new appreciation for what writers who choose the poetic formats as their venue of choice must regularly go through. :) Anyway, think "Beowulf" meets "Alien". While folks are there, I also highly recommend Becky Minor's "Windrider" serial. They'll have to go back to last month to catch the first installment, but it's really good stuff, with dragons in. :)

At Speculative Faith, Rebecca LuElla Miller has written an intriguing piece about what C.S. Lewis really intended the Narnia stories to be. Read "C.S. Lewis and Sub-creation" here.

New posts at Splashdown Reviews by Grace Bridges:

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