Weekend Reading Online

There's so much quality material online that it's hard to keep up with posting news about it! Here are the offerings of today's post.

Mindflights Magazine has posted new content:
Birds of a Feather by W. K. Tucker - Looking after his strange sister is no easy task for thirteen-year-old Henry. And it doesn't help matters any that his ma is crazy in the head.
Encounter, a poem by Elyn W. Marsh - I never would have expected him, but there he was...
Quanruzaman's Gateway by Peter Simon - A long overdue, unexpected but happy appointment.

We are also excited to bring you The Ballad of Scabbard Pete by LGG forum participant Tony Lavoie. This is a supernatural pirate story posted in chapters, or rather, stanzas.

Also appearing in regular episodes is Archangel, a series of novels by Scott Roche from the LGG forum. It's a podcast, an audiobook of the supernatural thriller type. Who needs TV any more?


Blogs and Online Happenings

Today, Wednesday January 14th, from 7-9 PM EST, Karina Fabian will be interviewed on The Writers' Jungle. They're going to talk about editing, anthologies and DragonEye, PI stories. There is a call-in number, so you can ask your questions, too! (646) 929-1455 or http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Lea-Schizas

Penny Lockwood Ehrenkranz wrote a review of Terri Main's writing prompts book, Creative Calisthenics. Penny said: "If you are like many writers, you often find yourself at a loss for words..." (more)
She also interviewed Terri about the book at this post.

Deborah Cullins Smith wrote a review of Infinite Realities by R.L. Copple. She says: "The journey was so profound I didn't want it to end..."(more)

The Laser & Sword Magazine of Adam and Andrea Graham now has a Facebook page. It's easy to become a fan and follow the updates this way as an alternative method of subscribing.

Jennifer AlLee hosted guest blogger Grace Bridges with a post about dreams. Here you can leave a comment if you want to be in to win a copy of Faith Awakened. In virtual stasis to escape a deadly virus, an ex-slave finds far more than just survival...


Genre Videos and Upcoming Releases

Here are three genre videos for your viewing pleasure. First is Jeremy Robinson's latest video blog in which he talks about his podcasting activities and marketing by authors and publishers.
Then comes a video made by Ezlo from the Lost Genre forum. It's actually a short supernatural movie based on a story by Ezlo.
Finally, in a rare captured moment, J.R.R. Tolkien tells how he came to begin writing about Hobbits.

Jeremy Robinson Video Blog #6

Matters of Life, Death, and Headaches by Andrew Bunk

Tolkien on Hobbits

Marcher Lord Press has announced the release list for April 1st. Here's what Jeff Gerke said about the new lineup:

The books comprising the second release list of Marcher Lord Press are Starfire by Stuart Stockton, By Darkness Hid by Jill Williamson, and The Dark Man by Marc Schooley.

Starfire is one of those kinds of books I created Marcher Lord Press to publish. Because of Stuart's subject matter the book is all but unpublishable at traditional Christian houses. It's a far-future, non-earth, non-human science fiction novel. Not a humanoid in the bunch. But it's terrific and needs to be published. If the regular houses can't do it, let's create a house that can. Oh, wait, that's what I've done! :D

Starfire is the story of Rathe, a member of a race of talking, machine-using dinosaur people. (No, really.) Rathe is trying to make his mark in his military unit while concealing the secret of his quick advancement through the ranks. The empire he serves is at war with an enemy that is on the brink of discovering the secret of a lost civilization--a civilization whose Starfire weapons system will assure victory to whichever side seizes it first. A mysterious follower of an all but forgotten God warns Rathe not to use the weapon as he has planned to.

By Darkness Hid by Jill Williamson is a wonderful fantasy with dual protagonists. Each is something other than what he or she appears, and both are learning the dangers of who they are. Both hero and heroine find they are capable of bloodvoicing--a powerful and feared form of telepathy. While our heroine strives to keep her identity hidden, our hero must learn who he truly is. Though when the world finds out, it will likely mean his death. Meanwhile, a different kind of voice is calling...

The Dark Man by Marc Schooley is the first novel I acquired for the second list. This book is so imaginative it defies all categorizations (except "Amazing"). It's a near future urban thriller about a master of disguise whose job it is to infiltrate the last remaining Christian cells and bring them down. But this futuristic Saul has a Damascus Road experience and becomes a figure like Paul. With helicopter gunships. And a dead mother who may not be dead. And a child's wooden box puzzle that kind of talks. A lot.

The impulse that launched Marcher Lord Press is very much alive in these new selections. Incredible imagination, masterful writing, and subtle (or not so subtle) Christian content.