News for February 10th, 2010: Jeremy Robinson, Robert Treskillard

Jeremy Robinson's newsletter is out, with news of his books Beneath, Pulse, and Instinct. Lots of exciting stuff going on from this pioneering author and publisher! Click here to go to the newsletter page.

Robert Treskillard says: I added one-third of my novel, MERLIN’S BLADE to authonomy.com and I’m attempting to get it into the top 5 of the Christian section to get Zondervan and Baker to take a look at it (they recently announced they would do this).

Any support appreciated from the LGG! All you have to do is register at the site, and then back my book: http://authonomy.com/ViewBook.aspx?bookid=16607

Of course, you can read it, too and leave constructive comments! If anyone else from the LGG is on the site, we should band together.

The Christian section’s current rankings are at: http://www.authonomy.com/EditorsDeskChart.aspx?genre=Christian



News for February 8th, 2009: Maurice Broaddus, Leaps of Faith, Terri Main

Maurice Broaddus has posted a blog for writers: On World Building

At the Lina Lamont Fan Club there is an article called Why McCoy Hates the Transporter, and it's related to Quantum Express, a story by Vincent Malzahn in Leaps of Faith, the sci-fi anthology edited by Karina and Rob Fabian.

Terri Main says she's just uploaded another audio installment of Dark Side of the Moon. This is chapter four. It's at http://www.wayfarersjournal.com/darkside4.mp3