Books you need to check out

Recently a number of new releases have caught my attention - will they catch yours?

Amy Deardon's "A Lever Long Enough"
A small military team travels back in time to film the theft of Jesus' body from the tomb . . .

The Israeli team, led by Benjamin Finan, has exactly seventy-two hours to collect the data. Failure threatens the existence of Israel and may cause the world to slip into all-out war.

Drawn into a web of first century deception and death, the only way to escape is for Benjamin to change the past.

In the present, a traitor determines to sabotage the mission and seize control of the complex housing the time machine. Only Benjamin can reveal him, but he is trapped two thousand years away. Even with a time machine, time is running out.

Never Ceese, the highly acclaimed debut novel by Sue Dent, is now available from The Writers' Café Press. This is a limited edition re-release. You can read some amazing reviews of it here.

And "The Exception" by Jessica Thomas, which is not published yet - but you can read some excerpts of it here. This looks to be a spine-chilling end-times thriller.


Sci-Fi Controversies: Join the discussion

Christianity Today magazine recently published an article entitled "Sci-Fi's Brave New World" examining some aspects of Christian interaction with sci-fi concepts. The article has caused a great deal of discussion, both publicly in the article's comments and privately in the Lost Genre Guild newsgroup. Stuart Stockton and Rebecca Miller have also posted commentaries on the Speculative Faith blog. Please join in the discussions there!

Mindflights magazine has published a new sci-fi poem by Joshua Gage here.


Monday Allsorts

Today we have a great mix of different kinds of news:

Mindflights magazine has a new story for you to read - A Native Soul by Anne M. Pillsworth: Mriba goes against everything she believes about herself when she befriends the two human visitors to the Pikhren colony. Now her friends are dead, and she is left with the overwhelming task of rearing a human infant named Thomas.

Jeremy Robinson's company Variance Publishing now has a Facebook page, with book trailers, news, and blog feeds. Why not become a fan?

The Christian Contest site is featuring fantasy fiction during the month of February. Check back each week for a new book up for grabs. Enter today for a chance to win Kingdom's Dawn by Chuck Black.

And fantasy author Rick Barry is this month's special interview feature at http://www.acfw.com/featuredauthor.shtml.