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News for August 5th, 2009

this just in from Jeff Gerke:

What's New at WhereTheMapEnds
The Miller BrothersThis month's interview guests are the Miller Brothers. Christopher and Allan Miller are talented authors and formally trained illustrators and computer animators. Their Codebearers series is an effort to supply excellent fantasy entertainment for Christian boys aged 11-14. Because when Chris and Allan were that age, they couldn't find any more good books for their age group.
Come read the interview to see what they're doing about it--and why they're so optimistic about the future of Christian speculative fiction.
Catch the interview here.

What's New at Marcher Lord Press
MLP Icon--Small
(Marcher Lord Press is a small, indie Christian publishing company operated by yours truly and specializing in speculative fiction.)

The big news from Marcher Lord Press this month is that I am announcing the third release list! That's right, I'm ready to reveal the three books that will comprise the October 2009 lineup.
There's much more information to be found in the Marcher Lord Press update (for which you can register here), but the gist of it is that the hallowed halls of Marcher Lord Press have been overrun from space! Three science fiction novels have seized control of the press and will not release it until I publish their demands. Or, in this case, their SF novels.
Alas, I have been forced to hold off from publishing any fantasy at all this list--and any other wonderfully weird Christian fiction--and must instead bow to the wishes of these futuristic terrorists and their vastly superior technology!
We can only hope that their novels will not be rambling manifestos of madness but will instead be inspired works of speculative genius. Only time will tell.

Announcing the Third List

Marcher Lord Press has been kidnapped. Alas, it's true. Strange beings from outer space have apprehended MLP leadership while the authorities slept.

The fiends knew exactly how to hurt us. First, they disabled our defenses. Knocked the silly cat right out. Then they overhwelmed our proximity alarms with vastly advanced weaponry that MLP scientists are only now beginning to study. Finally, they attacked MLP leadership in the first wave. Without command instructions from the top, the loyal MLP defenders were paralyzed. It was classic shock and awe.

The morning after the attack dawned on a Marcher Lord Press materially different from what had been. Witnesses emerged from the rubble of their homes to behold three otherworldly vehicles cooling on the landscape.

The first was a futuristic-looking craft that appeared to be constructed half of terrestrial composites and half of strange metallic alloys. From this vehicle popped a superhuman warrior who told a tale of cyborgs, massacres, and autonomous battle tanks. In his world, a miracle anti-aging elixer has been developed--but something terrible has gone wrong, and the powers that be will do anything to keep the populace from finding out.

This cybernetically augmented human told us that his name was Kirk Outerbridge and that his ship was called The Miracle Cure. Though apparently ship names in his galaxy are subject to change.

No sooner had Outerbridge concluded his tale than a bald cyberpunk exited the second vehicle and began to speak. This vessel was even more advanced than the first. It was seemingly capable of deep-space--perhaps even interstellar--flight. The bald man spun a yarn of a future Earth in which Islam has conquered all, and privately owned debuggers, like him, must do the work that keeps this Imam-ordered civilization running smoothly.

Unfortunately, one of the bots has malfunctioned. On this ship's maiden voyage to a star curiously singing (which is, he said, also the name of his vessel), something happened to the main servbot on the crew. It seemed to go crazy and tear itself apart limb from limb. Our man has been called in to find out what happend. The debugger, who calls himself Kerry Nietz, says his tale is something akin to I, Robot meets Muhammed--in space.

The third vessel is the most advanced of the three. It sits confidentaly atop monstrous landing struts, towering over the battlefield. A young man leaps from an open portal and lands on the ruined street. He carries an odd white box at his hip. His ship is capable of many leaps between stars and has seen galaxies the other two could not begin to guess at.

In his world, the Act of Religious Tolerance has outlawed all but the state religion, and the holy books from all belief systems are banned. The galaxy is held in uneasy alliance and all the colonized worlds are at peace--or so goes the official story. The truth is that the secret military is about to stage a coup, a powerful warrior family is about to be shredded, and the forbidden item in the young man's white box can tear the empire apart. Or save it.

Our youth offers his name, Steve Rzasa, and utters an enigmatic whisper: The Word Reclaimed.

Whether or not these three vessels of war and their mysterious captains mean us further harm is yet to be determined. Possibly they pose no further danger and the destruction they wrought was merely the result of their interdimensional rifting into our dimension. Perhaps their stories are something we must and shall hear.

All we can say with any assurance is that the future--that future beginning October 2009--has been claimed by men from the future and their tales of wonder, woe, and awe.


Resuming Operations

Well hello again to all of you in LGG Blog Land - it's high time we resume operations after an unexpected break. Just a month ago, my dad got sick, and died just two weeks later. Thanks to everyone who's shown support, and thanks for your patience as this blog has had to languish.

There's been a lot of stuff going on in the LGG world as usual - I'm going to attempt to summarise most of it here in this post, so get ready to read!

Heaps of new genre reviews at Yellow30 SciFi and Splashdown Reviews

New stories and interviews at Residential Aliens, Mindflights, Digital Dragon, Laser and Sword serials, and if you haven't already, be sure and catch up on past issues of Ray Gun Revival and Wayfarer's Journal.

Karina Fabian's done another interview here and also posted the latest edition of Dragon Eye View here (you do have to be a member of the site to access that one).

That'll do for a start. If you've found something I didn't, go ahead and let me know. Also, if you might possibly be interested in sharing the work of the LGG blog with me, get in touch. It shouldn't stand or fall on the efforts of just one person. What do you think?