Review Roundup for May 2009, Part 1

Today we're linking you up with new reviews from sites that focus on the Lost Genre! Look out for more in the days to come.

Crush Depth by Joe Buff - The future: Another war... another frightening aspect of man's desire to dominate other men. A coordinated coup in South Africa and Germany catches America off guard and redefines a new Axis movement.

Of Staves and Sigmas - Souls of Ergos Book One, by Geoffrey Verdegast - Split personality disorder. Perhaps this is the best way James Wagner can describe his life. Is he really James Wagner going mad or is he really Voknor of Ergos? The unexpected shifting of worlds and personalities plunges the reader into a world of terror where our hero, James Wagner, must face blood thirsty foes in his quest for sanity.

Star Stepping by Various Authors - Avid readers of Fantasy and Sci-Fi will be hard pressed to find a more thoroughly enjoyable collection...Its varied selections cover the spectrum of the Fantasy and Sci-Fi genres.

Violator - The Langsyne Chronicles Book Three, by Jonathan Christopher - After another near crash landing, Zsi has three members of his crew vanish. Where and how to find them? Zsi has no choice but to go through the travel door-the mysterious time portal-to find them.

Dixie by Stephen Sulkey
- It is the year 2001, but it is not the same country most Americans would call the “Good Old USA.” The North lost the Civil War in 1865 and vanished from existence to become the Greater Confederate States of America.

Soulless by Clea Saal - The disturbing mesh of everyday events turns Professor Paul Webster and a college associate into investigators trying to solve a tangled web of paranormal happenings.

Cascade Effect by James Armentrout - An imaginative work of deceit, betrayal, and full blown action across the cold, merciless surface of the moon.

One for Sorrow, Two for Joy by Clive Woodall - Slyekin, leader of the magpies, is bent on dominating all of Birddom.

The Mushroom Circle: A Fairy Tale for Giants by Clare C. Newbury - a fairy tale that any adult would find fascinating and down right humorous.

Shepherd's Quest - The Broken Key #1, by Brian S. Pratt - an adventure story about young lads looking for riches, fame and adventure.

Quest’s End - The Broken Key #3, by Brian S. Pratt - Finding the last segment of the Key to the King’s Horde has become an obsession with Riyan and his friends.

Bryre's Jewels - Book I Of Forgotten Ages, by Joan How
- It is really hard to believe that Joan How wrote Bryre's Jewels: Book 1 of Forgotten Ages while still in high school.

The Circle of the Swan - Book One of the DragonFire Series, by Jana G. Oliver - an intriguing tale of siblings whose drab medieval world is suddenly turned upside down.

The Summoning Stone - Book Two of the Dragonfire Series, by Jana G. Oliver - a well crafted story whose characters feelings and expressions move beyond the page to capture the reader’s heart and soul.


Guild Member Lands Screenwriting Job for Apocalypse V!

Frank Creed reports:
The screenwriter for Apocalypse V has been chosen--and he’s one of us. The Lost Genre Guild is a community of Christian sci-fi, horror, and fantasy (speculative fiction), writers, and Mr. Mitchell’s been an active member for years. The end-of-days film saga will be influenced by a talented Christian artist. Greg’s Christian near future science-fiction short story Ex-Communicator will also be included in the upcoming Underground Anthology (The Writer’s CafĂ© Press).

Greg Mitchell himself says:
Well, I've been sitting on this news for awhile (since Christmas, when all this started) and I'm near ecstatic to finally be able to share it all with you.
I am officially writing "Apocalypse V" for Cloud Ten Pictures!!
"What's Apocalypse?" you ask. For shame. For. Shame.
Allow me to educate thee.

Learn more from Greg Mitchell’s Apocalypse V announcement at:


News for May 25th, 2009

Cynthia MacKinnon says:If anyone here is thinking of self-publishing, or venturing into the business of setting up a small press, I guest authored 4 posts at The Finishers blog with some basic tips and resources, that you may be interested in.

New Release: Dark Reflection - By Daniel Clarence Cobb
A Christian high-fantasy "trilogy"

When Princess Angel finds a mirror in a haunted castle, her dark reflection comes to life. Her simple life shatters - she must find the missing pieces. Unless she puts it back together in time, she’ll fade away forever. Facing Shadow the Witch, she becomes her own worst enemy.
Will she be able to defeat the dark side of her soul that she can’t control? Until her heart is broken, it will never be whole! It’s up to a brave prince (named Paladin) and a white unicorn (named Starlight) to slay the Dragon King, who kidnapped her. Now she has to dream the darkness away, or she’ll be trapped in a nightmarish reality turned upside-down. With the fate of her world hanging by a thread, she gets caught in a web of confusion. Can he save her before it’s too late?