The Single Most Helpful Site:

Write or Die
- Effective seat glue and production incentive!

Reading - Free Fiction Downloads

List of free sci-fi download sites
- 21 different listings

Science Fiction Bookshelf - Project Gutenberg classics

Feedbooks -
A universal e-reading platform compatible with all mobile devices where you can download thousands of free e-books, publish and share your own content

Suvudu Free Book Library - Complete sci-fi and fantasy novels

Writing Craft Tips

Tip of the Week at
- by Jeff Gerke - highly recommended!

The Finishers Writing Tips
- by Frank Creed and friends

Creative Calisthenics
- A Workout for the Writer's Imagination, by Terri Main

POV Boot Camp
- by Andrea Graham
- home of the Snowflake Method

Amy Deardon's Story Structure

"Confident writers believe in persistence. Delusional writers believe in talent." - The Newbie's Guide to Publishing

Ten Mistakes Writers Don’t See (But Can Easily Fix When They Do)

The 32 Most Commonly Misused Words and Phrases

It's All Just A Draft
- Free online writing guide by sci-fi author Tobias Buckell

Alicia Rasley' Writers' Corner - Large archive of articles on writing

Plotstorming - Cheryl Wyatt's Quick Plotting Guide

Twenty Classic Romantic Conflicts by Lyn Cote

Revision Checklist
by agent Nathan Bransford


Top 10 List of Top 10 Lists for Writers
- Lists of useful blogs, checklists, tips and more

The 10 Best Books for Writers

Text to Speech: Hear what you are writing

33 Articles on How To Write A Book

Query Fail: How Not To Land An Agent


Facts about Print On Demand
- vs. Publish on demand

The difference between self-publishing and print on demand
- Writers Digest

Facts about Promo Book Blurbs
- Publishers Weekly

30 Free Programs for Web Page and Graphic Design

The World's Biggest Post About Photoshop
- Textures, tutorials, patterns, brushes and other resources (e.g. for web design or book cover design)

Social Networking

The QuickStudy Guide to Social Networking

Social Networking Sites for Authors Authors

Bookbuzzr - embed an interactive book preview on any site

10 Ways to build your blog community with Twitter

Top 10 Things New People to Twitter Should Know

How to Make a Custom Twitter Background

How to make your video go viral (Warning, some PG language)


Karina Fabian's Virtual Blog Tour Primer

Terri Main's Marketing for Writers

15 DIY Tools to Promote your Book

Why slow selling is a good start for a book

Hard-Core Tactics for Authors Developing Audience - A list of lists for marketing tips

PROMO DAY - A yearly all-day event for writers to promote their latest book releases and discuss topics related to writing.

Why Offer Free E-Books? Sci-fi author Cory Doctorow speaks out for Creative Commons as a marketing strategy.

How to get free advertising on Google

How to Get Your Name in the News

Instructions for Influencers by Deb Raney - Send your supporters here to find what they can do.

Writing an Effective Book Review by Terri Main

Easy Book Reviewing by Grace Bridges

Making Book Trailers - Makes an animated slideshow out of your pics and music - Pick cartoon characters and text-to-speech will generate a scene.

E-Zines and other places to submit short stories

Ray Gun Revival - Space opera and golden age science fiction

Mindflights - A Magazine of the Speculative - Sci-fi and fantasy

Wayfarer's Journal - Science Fiction with a difference

Laser and Sword - Fantasy, Science Fiction, Dystopia, Adventure/Action Hero serial fiction.

Residential Aliens - Speculative Fiction from the Seven Stars

Digital Dragon magazine - Sci-fi and fantasy

Ethereal Tales - UK-based fantasy zine

Fun & Funky

Seventh Sanctum Story Generator - Quick, fun and zany writing prompts

911 Writers Block - Help in dire situations

Brain Rules - How to make your brain run better

Gender Genie - Find out if your POV character sounds male or female

Fantasy Character Generator
- A thorough process for creating unique characters

Autocrit Editing Wizard - A bot that highlights some common writing errors

Internet Anagram Server - Input your name, your book title or character name!

The 100 Most Beautiful Words in English

Business Advice

5 Sure-fire Ways To Know If Your Business Will Work Or Not

Website Shopping Cart Setup Etiquette