News Post 572

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Updates from Laser & Sword ezine:
The Great Search, Part Fifteen (http://lasersword.adamsweb.us/the-great-search-part-fifteen/)  Against Revelator's adviace, the Sword and the Dark Mystic meet at last.
The Emerald Avenger v. The Corruptibles (http://lasersword.adamsweb.us/the-emerald-avenger-v-the-corruptibles-part-fourteen/): Two crooked police officers take a most unusual trip downtown.
Day of Dread, Part Seven (http://lasersword.adamsweb.us/day-of-dread-part-seven/) Kendall officers Snyder a way out.


News Post 571

Mike Duran has started an intriguing discussion on the apparent dichotomy of theology and speculation:

He's also been interviewed about his upcoming book, The Resurrection, at I Smell Sheep.

Here's a podcast interview with Jeremy Bishop on his debut zombie apocalypse novel Torment:

R.L. Copple's new short story Dragon Stew is now available from Smashwords for $0.99:

Digital Dragon Magazine has created new landing pages for its two current serials, so you can easily catch up and follow along:
The North Star by Bryan Thomas Schmidt
Comet Born by Grace Bridges

Jennifer Hartz is running a contest to win copies of her upcoming book Future Saviour: Conception


News Post 570

News of the day!! Marcher Lord Press is going to reprint Sharon Hinck's Sword of Lyric trilogy: The Restorer and its sequels. With Kathy Tyers already on board at MLP, this is definitely another huge step - congratulations to all concerned!

Jaime Wright interviews Jim Rubart, author of Rooms:

The 2010 Pluto Award Winner has been announced:

A guest post by C.S. Lakin at Speculative Faith, concerning fairy tales:

A new review of the new edition of Sue Dent's Never Ceese: