Member Interviews

Check out Karina Fabian's interview of Lost Genre Guild founder Frank Creed at Virtual Blog Tour de Net. "...Those lost genres that slip between the cracks are unused tools that could be bringing the Christian worldview to thirsty cultures across western civilization..."

Jake Chism interviews Sue Dent at The Christian Manifesto. Part one is here. "...I never thought I was doing anything evil but I’d no desire to disappoint my elders whose expressions seemed to infer otherwise. So, instead of talking about them, I secretly wrote about my two favorite horror icons..."

How about this one - Carole McDonnell gave an interview last year on the Fantasy Debut blog.

Here also is a somewhat older but no less interesting interview with author Theodore Beale at World Net Daily.


More New Releases

Robert Liparulo says: Gatekeepers (book three of the Dreamhouse Kings series) is now available at select bookstores. The official street date is January 6, but you can get it now. Check out http://www.dreamhousekings.com.

Bill McGrath's been busy! His second book Eretzel is now available. Join Prince Daniel of Asulon as he introduces some old-fashioned heroism to the exotic land of Eretzel, joined by giants, a dwarf, a cynical swordsman, and an ancient miracle-worker. But he faces mysterious and evil forces beyond imagining, even beyond death itself. Steve Rice says it's not for wimps!

Forsaken Kingdom: City of Prophecy by Peter J. Dudek released recently. From http://forsakenkingdom.net: Willerdon, a tired, exhausted town governor who fears for his family and his people sits paralyzed by his own lack of faith, unaware that his son sits on the very edge of the epic conflict of good and evil.


Audiobooks: a new kind of reading

Today we'll be highlighting some sites where you can listen to stories online. Have fun!

Bill McGrath says: The first chapter of the audio version of my fantasy novel Asulon is
now on YouTube. I've divided the 27 minute chapter into seven segments so they will be easy to download. Each segment is paired with a different illustration from the novel. The audio is done by veteran British actor James Brinkley.

You'll find the first segment of Asulon here:
The other parts can be found in the Related Videos list on that page.

Also check out The Spirit Blade Underground Podcast - A weekly 30 minute podcast including reviews and conversation about comics, sci-fi and fantasy in all their incarnations, along with a "non-churchy" but truth-centered Bible study.

Don't miss out on a listen to Chion by Irish author Darryl Sloan. It's worth it just for the accent :) And once you're finished with the section available on audio, you can download the e-book free to read the rest. Trust me - you'll want to!

And going back a year or two, but just as hot as ever: the Light at the Edge of Darkness podcast featuring ten short stories by Lost Genre Guild authors as recorded by Adam and Andrea Graham. Just click the Download button for each story.