Read TeenAge Magazine and Free Classic Sci-Fi

At TeenAge Magazine, written by and for teens, editor Bill Snodgrass comments on the visionary nature of science fiction in the article Science Fiction, Science Reality - Treknologies in our midst - On June 3, 1969, the last original episode of Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek aired. Yet, reality took many years—decades, in truth—to catch up to his speculative vision of future technology. Many of these far forward thinking innovations—Treknologies—seen in the original series and the sequels that followed still, now thirty-six years later, remain on the cutting edge of society.

Also at TeenAge, check out Charlotte's Sword - new fantasy by JA Howe: The Troll Parade had gone well, it seemed, but what was that sound in the alley? Charlotte wanted to know. Just for protection, she yanked the sword off her mantelpiece -- wow, was it heavy! But that was all right. It wasn't like she'd be using it...until she ran into the poor guy being attacked!

Project Gutenberg offers a large online collection of science fiction classics online for free. Check out their bookshelf here.

Also, authors from Jeremy Robinson's Variance Publishing will be talking about their books on web radio: check out this post for the details.