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Light at the Edge of Darkness Scavenger Hunt

Congratulations Cheryl! please send an email to admin@lostgenreguild.com with your mailing address so we can get your prize to you! Congratulations also to Caprice! All that time did pay off!

Thank you very much to all who participated in the launch of our anthology of Biblical Speculative Fiction: Light at the Edge of Darkness. Special thanks, of course, to the blog owners for their efforts and enthusiam . . . to author and cheerleader extraordinaire Daniel I Weaver for all the background work: the concept of the blog tour was his idea and the anthology project itself was Daniel's baby!

Now, should you want to purchase a copy of Light, you can go to one of the on-line bookstores or to The Writers' Café Press where you can read about a special deal for listeners of Adam Graham's Readers Theatre.

You can also help us out by stopping by your favourite bookstore and asking them to order in Light at the Edge of Darkness.


Last Day of Light at the Edge of Darkness Tour

Congratulation Murray, please email your mailing address to admin@lostgenreguild.com

And, here are today's Scavenger Hunt clues:

Submit your answers to the clues to admin@lostgenreguild.com . Remember you can submit the answers daily or all at once . . . as long as they arrive in the emailbox on or before noon (eastern) Friday June 8.

Winner of the Grand Prize will be announced Friday evening here on the Lost Genre Guild Blog.

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Also, take a break and listen to Adam Graham's Readers' Theatre Podcast (found on the side bar). May I recommend the most recent work: "Chairman." Due to technical difficulties, Adam had to redo the original version and read all the parts on his own: the result is very impressive and well worth the short listen.

N.B. If the podcast image does not appear when you first reach this page, try back a few minutes later. It is there, really! but it also likes to disappear every so often to take a much needed rest.

Join Adam Graham and friends for the next story in Light at the Edge of Darkness: "Guilty" on Sunday June 24, 2007 at http://www.talkshoe.com , scroll down the program list, and either listen live or download the talkshoe program (easy and quick) to listen and participate in the Q&A at the end of the program.

Here are some other blogs you can check out, leave a comment and be entered into a draw for a Light at the Edge of Darkness t-shirt and copy of the anthology:

Wayfarer's Journal provides a thorough review of Light
Check today's Virtual Book Tour de 'Net for an interview with Cynthia MacKinnon
Fantasy Thyme features something different every day of the tour
Casual Cogitations' first foray into review blogging!
At Write & Whine you can view Daniel I Weaver's Book Trailer from YouTube (why not go to YouTube after viewing the trailer and vote for Daniel?)
View the trailer at S.P. Hibbs' Journal & Musings, she has also provided a link to the LGG MediaRoom
How about some excerpts from Light stories? found at Unseen Worlds
Read Grace Bridge's review of Light and check out her beautiful wallpaper!


Day 2 Light at the Edge of Darkness Virtual Tour

Congratulations to our first daily winner Caprice Hokstad! Send your mailing address to admin@lostgenreguild.com

As I visited all of the bloggers on the Light at the Edge of Darkness virtual book tour I was amazed at what a great job everyone did of providing interesting information and links, a big thank you from The Writers’ Café Press. You've really spurred some good interest in the anthology!

Don't forget the Scavenger hunt clues for Wednesday June 6; submit the clues from all three tour days to admin@thewriterscafe.com on or before noon (Eastern) June 8 for a chance to win the grand prize. As well, we have another daily prize to give away for the visitor who makes the most comments. For more detailed instructions, please refer back to June 4th's post

And, now for some blogs to check out:

Grace Bridges
Wayfarer's Journal
Unseen Worlds
Just a Minute
Dorsey Publications
Virtual Book Tour de 'Net
Fiction Fanatics Only
The Bedford Review
Never Ceese
Timothy Hicks - Fantasy Thyme
Christian Fiction Review Blog
Grace Bridges
Casual Cogitation
Write and Whine
S.P. Hibbs' Journal & Musings
Lost Genre Guild Blog

Day 1: Light at the edge of Darkness virtual tour

Welcome to the Light at the edge of Darkness Virtual Book Tour!

Below is a list of blogs to check out; the blog owner will post information about Light on one or more days of this book tour. Check them today and then come back another day to see new information!

For more detailed info, check the Monday, June 4th post at the Lost Genre Guild Blog.

Remember, leave a comment on each blog, receive 1 entry for each comment and be eligible to win the daily prize (value $30)!

Under the list of bloggers, you will find the first 3 clues for the scavenger hunt! Just click on the image and you'll be whisked away to find the answer!

Remember to email your scavenger hunt clues to admin@lostgenreguild.com on or before noon (Eastern) Friday June 8 in order to be in the running for the "TREASURE!" (valued at $65+). Grand Prize winner to be announced later that day.


Chairman: Podcast

What if computer scientists succeeded at the Mary Shelley Frankenstein task, and produced a true artificial intelligence? What if their AI had only been allowed to logically consider its place in the Universe according to the material perspective. That's the premise of Frank Creed's Chairman. We attempted a normal podcast, but egads! The recording ended up a disaster, so I pulled a rabbit out of my hat and came up with a good solo reading of the story!

Click here or in the sidebar to listen. You can also add future editions of this podcast to your Itunes so you don't miss a thing. Don't forget to purchase the book that has all these stories in them.

Preview of what's to come!

This week at the Lost Genre Guild Blog . . .
Starting tomorrow, June 5th, the Lost Genre Guild blog will become
Virtual Book Tour & Scavenger Hunt Central as we tour
What's it all about?
1. Virtual Book Tour
Various blogs will host LIGHT at the edge of DARKNESS June 5-7 and come tomorrow, a list of these hosts will be posted for you to visit (as well, you can navigate from one blog to another via the list each blogger provides).

a. Simply visit each blog, read their post, and leave a comment -- and you will automatically earn 1 entry (per blog) for the daily draw; return here to the Lost Genre Guild Blog, leave another comment about the most informative tour post and earn an additional entry!
(in order to be eligible, you will have to either sign into your google/ blogger account, or leave your email address with the comment. You can always bot-proof your address by including "at" and "dot" in lieu of @ and .)

b. Daily prize: a copy of Light at the edge of Darkness, a Light t-shirt and beautiful fridge magnet (value over $30).

2. Scavenger Hunt
When you return back to this site to leave a comment about your favourite blog post check out the Scavenger Hunt clues (these will be changed daily).

a. Follow the link provided with each clue, find the answers, and email them to admin@lostgenreguild.com

b. Return June 6 and 7th for new clues (and repeat the process);

c. All entries must be emailed to (and received by) admin@lostgenreguild.com by noon (Eastern) Friday June 8;

d. You can either email the clues daily or wait until the end and email them all at once;

e. only correct entries accompanied by an email address and name will go into the draw.

the Grand Prize will be drawn on Friday June 8th and announced that evening here at Scavenger Hunt Central. Treasure valued at over $65!

3. Contest
On Friday, with the public announcement of the Treasure Winner, look for an announcement about our fun and easy "caption the photo" contest!

Small print:
Contests 1 and 2 not open to Light at the Edge of Darkness contributors nor virtual book tour bloggers. Caption contest open to absolutely everyone!