Day 2 Light at the Edge of Darkness Virtual Tour

Congratulations to our first daily winner Caprice Hokstad! Send your mailing address to admin@lostgenreguild.com

As I visited all of the bloggers on the Light at the Edge of Darkness virtual book tour I was amazed at what a great job everyone did of providing interesting information and links, a big thank you from The Writers’ CafĂ© Press. You've really spurred some good interest in the anthology!

Don't forget the Scavenger hunt clues for Wednesday June 6; submit the clues from all three tour days to admin@thewriterscafe.com on or before noon (Eastern) June 8 for a chance to win the grand prize. As well, we have another daily prize to give away for the visitor who makes the most comments. For more detailed instructions, please refer back to June 4th's post

And, now for some blogs to check out:

Grace Bridges
Wayfarer's Journal
Unseen Worlds
Just a Minute
Dorsey Publications
Virtual Book Tour de 'Net
Fiction Fanatics Only
The Bedford Review
Never Ceese
Timothy Hicks - Fantasy Thyme
Christian Fiction Review Blog
Grace Bridges
Casual Cogitation
Write and Whine
S.P. Hibbs' Journal & Musings
Lost Genre Guild Blog


Mirtika said...

Check your link on clue number 4.

BTW, do we just keep our anwers and mail it to you when we get the last clue answer? Or mail piece by piece or day by day?

Oh, and enter me for..whatever. I'm slightly unclear. :-/


Mirtika said...

Regarding clue #4-- the first three words PERIOD (which means the first three words of the epigram) or the first three words after "Chapter One"?


Frank Creed said...

Step it up if you want day two. I've been all through the list!

Is today's prize the new Subaru or the two-car-garage ranch? 8D


cyn said...


Links to the graphics are now in place -- I thought the post came down while editing, apparently not!

Clue #4: I planned to accept either
You can either mail them each day or mail them all at the end.

The other contest? in my edited version I point to instructions on June 4 which, in an nutshell, say: go aorund and comment on blogs, person with the most comments wins the daily prize.


SteveDoyle said...

Ha, ha, I'm a clue! I've just been through the tour and commented when I was able to figure out where. Be nice to see more participation, though. There should be at least 17 comments on everyone's blog.

Karina Fabian said...

Yay for Murray!

Your photo and interview are up on www.virtualbooktourdenet.blogspot.com.


Virginia said...

Hey Guys:

Like Steve #2, I've had trouble finding where to post on some sites. I hadn't intended to join the contest, but if Frank is giving away cars, I'll reconsider.


cyn said...

Virginia and Steve II

Check out today's links, up there above this post. All the links work.


A.P. Fuchs said...

Books are moving on my end, Cynthia.

Going back to touring.