Name that Christian SF Title!

Current Christian speculative fiction: how many 2007 titles can you name? Did you ever wonder what new SF has hit or about to hit the market? There are certainly lists of Christian spec fiction around. Jeff Gerke at Where the Map Ends has a great annotated list of titles and earlier this year, the folks at Spec Faith and A Christian Worldview of Fiction compiled a list of the 2006 titles they could recall. But what about a current listing of new fiction?

Johne Cook said earlier this week, "It would be cool if there was a clearinghouse of the latest new fiction in a database, sortable by date, author, genre, etc. As it is, if I don't see it in front of me, I lose sight of what I was waiting for."

The Lost Genre Guild is going to take on this little job and develop a database of the latest in Christian SF, beginning with 2007 titles. But, we need your help! Please list any 2007 Christian SF titles, preferably with date of release, publisher, and short synopsis!


Podcast: The Agent

The Light at the Edge of Darkness Podcast Radio Theater is pleased to present, "The Agent" the story of a young writer who gets the break of a lifetime only to find out the Devil is in the details. You can purchase the Light at the Edge of Darkness here or Amazon.com, Barnesandnoble.com, CBD.com, or fine bookstores everywhere.

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