June 25: Fred in Audio, DDM Interview, MLP Update

This from Fred Warren:
My flash story, "The Time-Share," is online now at Wily Writers Speculative Fiction in text and podcast, and they did a very nice job with it in both formats.

Johne Cook has interviewed T.W. Ambrose, founder and editor of the Digital Dragon Magazine, at the AuthorCulture blog: http://authorculture.blogspot.com/2010/06/interview-with-digital-dragon-magazine.html

And this update from Jeff Gerke:

We have a change to our contest announced a few days ago -- there is no purchase necessary to enter the contest to have your name appear in one of our upcoming new novels.

Take time on the Fourth of July to stop by our store at
http://www.marcherlordpress.com/New_Store/Fiction.htm and buy any of our 12 great fiction titles to receive a free short story by author Steve Rzasa called "Hunting Souls." It takes place in the same universe as his space opera novels The Word Reclaimed and The Word Unleashed, and follows the exploits of an unlikely hero -- one of the secret police who track down Christians.

Then on July 5, MLP will make a random drawing from all the names of people who have registered for the Marcher Lord Press newsletter. Registration is free and may be done any time between now and the end of July 4, 2010 by clicking here. If you've already registered for the newsletter you don't have to take any action -- you will automatically be entered!  Three winners will have their names appear in upcoming MLP novels as previously advertised.
There's more information available at http://www.marcherlordpress.com/New_Store/SummerSale.html. So remember, go to http://www.marcherlordpress.com/New_Store/Fiction.htm on July 4, 2010 for our new fiction offer and make sure to register for our free newsletter by that date to enter the name contest. If you're already registered, tell your family and friends!


June 23: Member News

R. L. Copple, author of the Reality Series (Infinite Realities, and Transforming Realities) is pleased to announce his third and final book in that series, The Reality, has been picked up by ResAliens Press and is expected to be available early December 2010.

Fred Warren says: Out of the Darkness and Into the Light, A new collection of interviews and stories from a variety of Christian spec-fic writers, including Eric Wilson, Jeffrey Overstreet, Robin Parrish, Michelle Levigne, Maurice Broaddus, Kirk Outerbridge, Anne Rice, and others, is now available on Kindle and in hardcover. I'm one of the "others."
Details, plus a sneak peek at the cover of ResAliens' upcoming anthology, While the Morning Stars Sing, at http://bit.ly/9mbhvY

Forrest W. Schultz announces a new blog for his speculative fiction short stories. You can find that here: http://schultzstories.blogspot.com  - there's already plenty to read on there.

Ellen Maze says: To prepare and promote the soon release of my next book, RABBIT LEGACY, two giveaways are listed for my first novel RABBIT: CHASING BETH RIDER (Christian Horror/Paranormal). Fifty (50) 5-star reviews so far on Amazon! I'd love to share it with any of you who haven't had a chance to read it yet. I know many of you have and THANK YOU!
Giveaway on Goodreads:  http://www.goodreads.com/giveaway/show/4523-rabbit-chasing-beth-rider
Giveaway on Facebook (just click 'join' and then you can enter the drawing on the post regarding the Giveaway!) http://www.facebook.com/?tid=1313449922951&sk=messages#!/group.php?gid=96952574559


News for June 21st, 2010

Sherry Thompson says: I'm a member of Delaware's Written Remains Writers Guild. During the week of June 21st, the WRWG Spotlight will be turned on me. I'll be interviewed, people can ask questions via comments, I'll be giving away at least one copy of my latest book "Earthbow", and I may let slip interesting bits and pieces about my present and future work.
The link to the WRWG blog is: http://tinyurl.com/24bs4or OR http://writtenremains.blogspot.com/2010/06/member-news-sherry-thompsons-earthbow.html
Plus: If you go there now, you can already see some "pre-Spotlight" activity.

Writers: Port Yonder Press is looking for fantasy. The submissions window is October only, so now's the time to be getting those proposals and first three chapters ready. More details at the PYP site: http://portyonderpress.com

The trailer for the next Narnia movie has appeared: Voyage of the Dawn Treader. So far it's just at Facebook: http://bit.ly/9IHJEG and gives Lewis fans plenty to ponder. How come we see Susan and Peter in there? And Jadis the White Witch, for that matter, she's supposed to have died! And where's the dragon? But it looks like the effects are even better than the previous ones.