Weekend Reading Online

There's so much quality material online that it's hard to keep up with posting news about it! Here are the offerings of today's post.

Mindflights Magazine has posted new content:
Birds of a Feather by W. K. Tucker - Looking after his strange sister is no easy task for thirteen-year-old Henry. And it doesn't help matters any that his ma is crazy in the head.
Encounter, a poem by Elyn W. Marsh - I never would have expected him, but there he was...
Quanruzaman's Gateway by Peter Simon - A long overdue, unexpected but happy appointment.

We are also excited to bring you The Ballad of Scabbard Pete by LGG forum participant Tony Lavoie. This is a supernatural pirate story posted in chapters, or rather, stanzas.

Also appearing in regular episodes is Archangel, a series of novels by Scott Roche from the LGG forum. It's a podcast, an audiobook of the supernatural thriller type. Who needs TV any more?

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Scott said...

Thanks for the link! And it's true there is much good content to be found. I reviewed some here EMPulse