Please note that I have enabled "comment moderation" for the Lost Genre Guild Blog.

All non-member comments will be vetted by me--all I am really looking for is that responses come from either blogger members OR in the case of non-blogger members who sign in as "anonymous" that a verifiable e-mail address is provided.

As the "owner" of the blog, I want to make sure that comments are constructive and on topic. That is NOT to say that criticism and disagreement are unwelcome--these are necessary for good discussion.

By enabling the moderation features, it is my hope to avoid one-line statements or accusations that
a. are disrespectful;
b. are incomplete; contain little or no explanation/ developed argument;
c. are not constructive;
d. do not further the discussion about Biblical spec-fic.

Of course, as members of the Lost Genre Guild, we are also expected to be respectful of others' opinions. We are here to promote, not dissuade folks from exploring Biblical spec-fic further.

If you forget your sign-in name/ password and haven't yet retrieved it (not mentioning any names, but it begins with s-c-o-t), just send me an email and I will help you or post the comment for you.

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