Christians in Fan Fiction? - "Dad-Trek"

(Picard is talking with his crew...)

“It’s amazing how you came back, Captain. You escaped death, and you brought back twelve captured Starfleet officers.”

“It wasn’t easy, Mr. Data. I was helped immensely by the intervention of the Light Guardians.”

“I have heard a few legends about them.”

“More than legend. Ten years ago Starfleet Academy made an intensive study of the writings of all those who seemed to have genuine contact with the Guardians. Just after that I went on a refresher course, when Starfleet was revising its moral and ethical code to incorporate Guardian principles.”

“It was that relevant?”

“Definitely, Mr. Riker. The Guardian-inspired writings showed great understanding in relating to aliens and underprivileged cultures. Other writings, including their songs, had a well developed heart language that was invaluable in understanding the Beta-Zoid. That is what inspired us to take Deanna on board.”

“Captain, wasn’t there some major revision of Earth-originated Philosophy too?”

“Yes, Beverley. Western Philosophy revised its science and logic emphasis. The Academy study showed that historically the value of heart ethics was essential for human respect.”

“Haven’t there been reports of the Guardian touching history several times?”

“Right, Geordi. Various reports of angelic appearances before battles, dreams and visions which inspire people to overcome their oppressors. It all has a familiar theme.”

“That has influenced Klingon culture too, just in time to prevent destruction,” said Worf. “Speaking of which, what has just happened may also be a turning point. I think we’d all like to hear how you did it.”

“Very well. While the Borg were away preparing their worst torture implants, three Guardians appeared. They said they could not rescue me from it, but if I trusted them they would prepare me to go through with it. If it worked, they told me I could be instrumental to release the others.
The plan was this: the Borg were going to use psychological torture so that it came through the senses and through the mind implant at the same time. Similar things would happen with physical torture, making the Borg hard to resist. The Guardians gave me some battle song to meditate on, and a story of one of their interventions. It was tremendously hope-inspiring. For a time I felt I had already won.”

“Was this your first encounter with them?”

“No. There has been a series of visions and dreams over the last three years, building towards this encounter. They often came at times when I felt low for the next challenge.
Then the trial started. It was gruesome enough. It went through the night, accusing me, with multi-sensory bombardment, 'Jean-Luc Picard, the chief destroyer of culture.' I was instructed by the Guardians to keep the song and the story in my heart, and to apply as much of my brain as possible to its truth. I felt that I did not need to answer the Borg's charges.

Then they took me to the torture implants. There were two others: a captain, disgraced through Borg implant, and a vagabond cast out from the Borg who had to steal to stay alive. The vagabond joined in the tormenting: “The Great Picard. Where is your power and leadership now? Get us out of here, and take me with you!”

It was getting nightmarish. The implants shouted: 'Give in to our demands, then you will live!' The torture implants and the multi-sensor media went on, flashing by visions of our men killed under my command. When it was getting tough, I shouted, 'Guardians, Release these Borg! Their implants are destroying their real heart feelings.'

Then the other captain responded. 'Picard, I know you’ll have authority. When that happens, come and get me, please.'
'Hold on, Richard,' I said. 'I believe that will happen today, and we’ll be free.'

Then there were flashes of lightning in a great darkness. It was more awesome than the tortures.”

“Jean-Luc, it was about that time that the Borg tried to transmit a picture of your death.”

“Yes. The Guardian said if I resisted until my heart actually stopped, they would be able to help me more. I and the Borg knew it was happening. Then something strange took place. I think I was dead for a few seconds, although I was very aware of the Guardians giving me special power.”

“I remember. That’s when we saw on our scanners that the whole Borg ship was in turmoil. It shook like a drunk Ferengi. The captains they held in coma came out. I’m not sure who got the biggest shock.”

“Yes, Commander Riker. The rest you know.”

“But what is this about the Captain of the Enterprise changing?”

“In time, it’ll happen. I will be liaison between Starfleet Command, the Guardians, and sometimes the Borg. And you, Will, though you blame yourself for my capture, will be getting more help from the Guardians as you take over.”

“And the rest of us?”

“You have already been receiving something from the Guardians, at least indirectly through me. From now on, there will be more visions from them, prompts for inspired wisdom and leadership, and you will be used to bring the rest of the Borg empire down. The Guardians are able to help you remember in principle how I operate. They will also convey personal messages from me to you if I know it is necessary. Are you ready for the next stage?”

Bruce Francis, Oct 2002. Based mainly on the passion narratives in Luke, Matthew and John.
This was inspired by trying to communicate with a “Trekky”fan while doing a Bible College assignment on Luke's gospel, the crucifixion scene. It is also inspired by Luke’s use of popular literature, such as extra-Biblical writings like 2 Enoch (chap 8- a vivid description of the 3rd heaven/ Abraham's side [AV “bosom”], which has a parallel in Luke 16- the Rich Man and Lazarus), or “the death of Isaiah,” with parallels to Luke 23.
This an allegory of general principles. It is not intended as rigid doctrine or as totally parallel to the story that is allegorised.
Thanks Dad for letting me borrow this! Hope you all enjoyed the read. Having grown up on this show, I do feel that it's become a sort of classical base on which to build my own worlds - even if mine are vastly different.
It seems to me that what is true of sci-fi in general - as a way into people's hearts - is also true, and even especially so, of fan-fiction. Perhaps there's a LGGer somewhere who will someday advance into this mission field. Nothing is impossible!
I thought it was really interesting how it took me quite a while to figure out the parallels and what he was actually talking about. Guess that's how the gospel can slip in the back door...


Andrea Graham said...

I must admit I found the story enjoyable, but I should also caution, while I understand the intent, this could be taken entirely wrong, ie, some might think Mr. Picard was/is/will be (take your pick) the Messiah, but he certainly is not :)

Anonymous said...

Until I read that this was a way of explaining some Biblical truths to someone who really didn't want to talk about the Bible I thought it was overly transparent. However, since the motivation was to get them to see the Truth in God's Word I'd have to say he did a great job. He used a lot of imagination. He also planted a seed that God will tend to.

Donna Sundblad said...

As a "Trekky" fan, I think this is well written for a short piece. It may be transparent to those who know the truth--I didn't see it that way, but that's me. Enjoyable and a tool to return to in the future.


Anonymous said...

I loved it too.

Remember the old Star Trek with the people who worshipped the Sun?

It was with Shatner and Nimoy? Anyone?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comments, Andrea, David, Donna, Chris, and Grace. YEs Chris, I remember the early Star Trek episode with Kirk & Spock about "Sun"worshippers, wearing 1st Cnetury clothing. The Trekky crew got the name of the divinity wrong at first. It became less allegorical, more "patched history." Perhaps someone visiting Grace now knows more about it.

YEs there is a risk of being misunderstood. But if people read Narnia and want to worship the Lion, is the story at fault? Like Grace says, allegory gets in the "back door:" when one reads allegory, the defences are down. Is this the "transparent"effect?
Try this on a Trekky fan. Not that they have to understand everything: just one part may sow seed.
Jesus risked being misunderstood. To come as "the fulness of God"in a human body did freak people out! 1st century Jews expected the Messiah to wallop the Romans: a false expectation based on scripture that is not false.
Here's a real danger: in a sense we are all "Messiahs" (anointed). David used this word about Saul (not a nice Messiah) when he said "I will not harm the Lord's anointed [Heb. 'messiach']" (1 Sam 24.10, 26.11). If we are anointed we will reflect part of the likeness of THE Messiah.
WHo are your anointed inspirers? i can think of teachers, informal counsellors, a sports coach, a sports hero/team builder, some broken people, some "just friends" or encouragers (but very important). And how do you feel when they die, as Jesus did? (ouch). Each of these has inspired me to think the improbable or do the impossible: each preparing me to go deeper with God.
May God inspire us to take HIS risks.


Donna Sundblad said...

I remember Chris. I guess that makes us time travelers, heh? We certainly can't be that old!


P.S. I've seen Nimoy in person.

Deborah Cullins Smith said...

Beautifully worded! I enjoyed it immensely.

To add a point of clarifying note here, I remember the episode in question. A faction on this planet was considered the "rebellious element" because they 'worshipped the sun'. But they were really just people who advocated freedom for all, regardless of race, creed, or station in society.

When the mission was completed and the crew was aboard the Enterprise once again, it was Uhura who made the connection and told Capt. Kirk that they didn't mean 'sun', they meant "Son", as in the Son of God. I remember being thrilled that Star Trek would honor God with this reference.

Of course, later in the movies, God got relegated to "that part within a man's soul". I guess it could be broadly interpreted, but I didn't take it quite that way. It seemed to be a touch of New-Age-ism --- we can become gods ourselves if we evolve through self-improvement. What a disappointment.

At any rate, this blog brought a smile to my lips! Thanks!

gificor said...

I liked this piece of fanfic Grace. I always thought of how a lot of SF shows could be changed around to convey a Christian message. I never thought of doing through fan fiction. Thanks and God bless.