On the Behalf of Everyone at the Guild

I just wanted to take this time to say Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year to all our visitors.

I also humbly swear, should any of the worlds I've created for my fiction ever become popular, to never consent to allow them to be used in a cheesy "holiday" special, TV or otherwise. I mention this because I recently heard there was such a special done for Star Wars. I cannot blame Mr. Lucas for asking all known copies to be destroyed.

If you haven't checked it out yet, Adam Graham has the second annual Carnival of Christmas up, featuring some of the best Christmas trimmings the blogosphere has to offer.


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you all! Thanks for the wonderful insights and thought-provoking discussions you bring here.


Anonymous said...

The Ewok Holiday Special was shockingly bad. However, since I was rather young at the time and a complete Star Wars fanatic, I thought nothing of its complete lack of artistic merit and watched it with glee.

Andrea Graham said...

I'll admit learning of it--and the demand all copies be destroyed--has me dying of curiosity. However, other than a star wars fanatic, who cares about a fictional holiday no one actually celebrates?

Thank for the comments, both of you :)

Anonymous said...

A happy new year, people, just discovered your blog! You speak of a guild. I do not belong to it,I admit, but I am interested in this subject.
I don't have any credentials of the writing kind, alas.
Something rather sad happened in the Star Wars universe awhile back. It started so very well. I left the theater so very impressed!The first movie came during a particularly painful drought in Science Fiction & reflected the mythic sources of all good story telling. (the dialog was sometimes painfully stilted but the idea of the 'force' caught my attention immediately.) Concerning holiday specials I don't blame him one little bit but it is his own fault. The ewoks were way too cute and it with their introduction that I began to lose interest. He has had to walk a very sharp edge in his story telling & sometimes failed; Interest adult lovers of Sci-fi while keeping the interest of little boy children. I would have not tried to do both!