Writer's Style

posted for Donna Sundblad

Fingerprints are unique. Although identical twins have the same genetic makeup, once the fertilized egg splits, two individuals form with their own set of fingerprints. God creates each of us with unique traits and abilities. In the life of a writer this literary fingerprint becomes our “style.”

For this post, writer’s style means your way of presenting yourself in words. Life experiences put in our path mold who we are and how we write. Not all Christian writers create within the same genre, nor do they read the same genre. Our spiritual genetics come from God, but while still in our earthly tents we have diverse interests which reflect in our writing style.

One such interest for me is time travel. Is it possible? I don’t think so, but when writing fiction is a fun element to consider.

Albert Einstein showed that space is curved and time is relative. Based on his theories, time travel is possible. My literary fingerprint and spiritual genetic make up allow curiosity to carry my imagination to reflect on the possibilities. What is possible in a fictional world if the theory is true? My musings carry me through wormholes and bend the concepts of space and time. It’s not only interesting but fun to steep my imagination in theoretical conjectures as I consider definitions physicists use when discussing the possibility of time travel.

Terms like gravitational time dilation which means the slowing of the flow of time near a gravitating body—but the word dilation—could that be a portal in time? Think of the potential! Would slowing of time near the portal allow a time traveler to make a change in history (either past or future)? Or how about traveling through hyperspace? Those who allow their imaginations to be tickled by such nonsense know hyperspace includes pieces of our curved universe imbedded in a flat space. What does this mean for time travel? See I got you. Your mind started down the trail of what if. It’s my style? And because my spiritual genetic make up comes from the Lord, it’s part of my literary fingerprint.


Lydia Daffenberg said...

Perhaps our fingerprints are really the barcodes of our souls. We die, get scanned and, voila! Instant printout of our life--our sins and triumphs. Makes the line go much faster up there. :-)

Hey, I like that idea. I place my fingerprint on this comment labeling it mine. Consider it copywrite protected! Thanks for the brain-feed!


chrisd said...

Great post, Donna. I love Science Fiction and all the possibilities.

Donna Sundblad said...

Hi Lydia and Chris,

Glad you enjoyed the post. Fun to realize how unique we are and even more more fun to use that specialness to serve him. :)

I too leave my print behind--specialness. Is that a word?