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A devastating interplanetary war has been raging for decades. The fallen ones have instigated mankind's downfall, waging a sinister campaign leading towards a singular goal, universal domination.


Long the ordained guardians of peace, the Barudii, have been reduced to a scattered remnant struggling to survive. All but wiped out by the Vorn clan, they have little hope of stopping the genocide that threatens mankind's survival.


Young Tiet soone, the only remaining heir to the Barudii throne, returns from exile to avenge his fallen people. He is the final hope for restoration, and the only one that can mediate a peace between the warring clans before its too late...before the dark forces opposing his every effort succeed in enslaving humanity. To claim victory he will do what Barudii warriors do best-fight-to the death if need be.

Paperback: 272 pages
Publisher: Breakneck Books
Publishing date: (October 31, 2006)
ISBN-13: 978-0978655129
Heir to the King is the first book in James Somers' The Chronicles of Soone trilogy is available at amazon.com

Some reviews:

Jeremy Robinson, bestselling author of Raising the Past and The Didymus Contingency "...an intense, action packed sci-fi story with a heart. A gripping story, not to be missed!"
"The Chronicles of Soone took off at warp speed and didn't dock until the
very last page. I enjoyed it immensely
!" —Steven Manchester, Editor,
Sunpiper Media Publishing

For more reviews, check out the author's website, amazon.com, and David Brollier's Christian Fiction Review Blog.

The Author:
I live in Tennessee, and work primarily as a surgical technologist. I am an assistant pastor in my church and of course I am the author of the new sci-fi thriller, The Chronicles of Soone. This is a trilogy series with book 2 and 3 on the way. I am also the author of the christian thriller series, Perditions Gate, that will hopefully be published sometime soon.
In addition to writing, Rev. James Somers currently serves in the ministry as the Assistant Pastor of Martindale Baptist Church. He also works as a Surgical Technologist, specializing in Neuro-Spine surgery and has a family including his wife Christy and five boys. He plays several musical instruments and enjoys being a big kid with his children.

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