CSFF April Blog Tour Presents Karen Hancock

Return of the Guardian King
Book 4 of Legends of the Guardian King
by Karen Hancock

What people are saying about Return of the Guardian King:

Hancock's a gifted storyteller whose rich description puts you in the midst of conflict. I love the names she chose for both geographical places and characters, and an occasional light peasant accent is a lovely detail of setting. Her work reminded me of C. S. Friedman's Black Sun Rising, and When True Night Falls, but Christian. So when I learned that Karen Hancock's first four novels all won Christy Awards, I was not surprised. Frank Creed


Believed dead by all but the handful of supporters who rescued him from his Mataian enemies, Abramm Kalladorne has fled his homeland to the high mountains of northern Chesedh. Traveling under a new name with a group of bitter and increasingly desperate fellow exiles, Abramm hopes to reunite with his wife in Chesedh, where he will offer his services to her father in fighting the invading armies of the Black Moon. But with every step he is hindered, delayed and diverted from the direction he desires to go, and it soon becomes clear Eidon has other plans for him.

In the Royal city of Fannath Rill, Maddie alone believes Abramm still lives. But since she has no proof, her friends, family and public opinion press her to remarry. With its neighboring realms now under enemy control, Chesedh has become the last bastion of Eidon’s Light. Desperately overmatched, it cannot survive on its own. And the rich, handsome, eastern warlord who is openly courting Maddie has a vast fleet of galley ships that could turn the tide in Chesedh’s favor…

The Author:

Karen Hancock lives in Tuscon, AZ with her husband and son. She has BScs in Biology and Wildlife Biology from the University of Arizona. Her life experiences range from water colour painting to cleaning oil spill off sea-birds to homeschooling her son. Her bio is very entertaining and worth the read. Karen is a four-time Christy winner for her novels: Arena, The Light of Eidon, The Shadow Within, and Shadow Over Kiriath.

Return of the Guardian-King
Karen Hancock
ISBN: 978-0764227974
Bethany House: April 2007


Rebecca said...

Nice intro!

I've been meaning to ask Karen, and your post reminded me, if she was inspired for the name, Fannath Rill by the place in Boston, Faneuil Hall. Silly question, but I'd been wondering.

Becky said...

A nice intro to the tour and the book. I hope fantasy fans find Karen's books. They are well worth the read.