Review for Light at the Edge of Darkness

Many in the Lost Genre Guild had been awaiting this day: the original release date of Light at the Edge of Darkness. I thought posting a review would be appropriate.

Here's what Kevin Lucia had to say at Infuze Magazine:

Light at the Edge of Darkness
edited by Cynthia MacKinnon:
anthology strives to showcase new work


A man who's been robbed of his eyes and soon his only son by those demanding he deny Christ, crying out to God for mercy, justice, and sight...and receiving it. A man named Steven caught by a sadistic killer, denying not only his faith, but the tremendous gift he's been given... even though it's his only hope for survival. Futuristic societies in which believing in God is a crime, because all Christians must be registered with the government. Alternate universes who have sworn allegiance to the dark, rather than the One who died for them, and a writer so obsessed with success, he sells his soul to his agent -- and the devil Himself -- to become the next literary great.

If you're lingering on the edge of darkness and you see the light, do you dare cross over to what waits beyond? Or do you lie immobilized by your fears and sins in the dark, until what waits in the shadows claims you?

Light at the Edge of the Darkness, edited by Cynthia MacKinnon, is an interesting and eclectic anthology of dark, speculative tales musing about what goes on in the shadows we don't dare think of in the light of day, and how God's mercy shines at the shadow's edge, beckoning to all, saving some, and judging others. Consisting of genres ranging from science fiction, cyberpunk, fantasy, suspense, and horror, this anthology is a collection of talented writers; some making their first published foray into the writing world, others simply adding to their resume these dark and haunting tales.

Among the notables are stories from writers
Frank Creed, Daniel Weaver, and A.P. Fuchs, writers who are clearly making their way in the world of fiction. Both Creed and Weaver are writers/reviewers active in several different book review blog organizations, and Weaver himself is currently seeking a home for his current project, When Nightmares Walk; and AP Fuchs is the creator of the comic book Axiom Man.

Light at the Edge of the Darkness was created by The Lost Genre Guild, a collective of writers who focus on creating a place of Biblical speculative fiction in the publishing world.


Light at the Edge of Darkness is available for advance ordering at www.thewriterscafepress.com
Order now and receive $1 off retail price and some freebies.