Writer's Life

Image and video hosting by TinyPic I wrote something for the blog at work today, but forgot to bring it home. But then I found a book-shaped package in my mailbox.

They say this day only comes once in an author's life, and I believe it. But that it would be today? I had no idea.

Today I held the first print copy of Faith Awakened in my little hot hands. Okay, so it's a pre-pre-preview copy. Just so I can check the formatting and find any last spelling mistakes. Okay, so it doesn't quite look how I imagined it would.

But it's my book. It's a Lost Genre book. Where I try to explain my own life's failures through a complex screen of virtual realities and reasonings. I had to write it. It helped heal me.

Even if today was also the day I found out it didn't even come close to finalling in the Genesis. :)
A printed book is still a printed book...

I can post the other blog tomorrow if you like. Or send it to the list, that might be better.
It's been one heck of a week, I can tell you that for sure. God be with you all.


Andrea Graham said...

Congrats, Grace! (almost called you Faith . . . )

Mirtika said...

Grace, your book helped you heal, and that is more of a reward and blessing than any contest. Trust me. I've won several contests, and after a nice buzz, it really doesn't come down to a whole lot. :)

What's great is knowing that you're doing what you NEED to and WANT to do, and that you know God smiles at your doing it.

Next year, you'll be better than this. The year after, even better. That's what writers do. Get better.

Congrats on holding it in your hands. One day, I hope to do the same. :)


cyn said...

Wonderful news Grace! after all your hard work and sweat and worry and . . . it must feel great to finally hold that wonderful little package in your hands. Congratulations! and looking forward to reading it.


chrisd said...

How wonderful! You must feel like a million dollars!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I'm happy for you.