The Lost Genre Guild Radio Theater Presents: Guilty

This weekend, we were pleased to present Daniel Weaver's story from the Light at the Edge of Darkness book, "Guilt." in which a hunted man and his hunter face their guilt in a house of horrors.

The story was challenging on many levels, but Dan carried the day as the lead character and narrator, with a nice supporting group including Andrea Graham, V.B. Tenary (whose story we'll be doing next week), Cynthia McKinnon, and myself. Thanks to Frank Creed, we had our best question period ever. Good work to all.

Based on the fun and success we've had so far, the series is now expected to run for 15 episodes. Thanks for your support. Good job everyone. Next up: July 1st, "Adino" by V.B. Tenary.

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Fantasythyme said...

These podcasts are great listening on a MP3 player.
What about collecting the podcasts on cd for a deluxe edition Light at the Edge of Darkness?

That would be nice.


cyn said...

Now that's a great idea Tim! I wonder what Adam thinks of it?


Daniel I Weaver said...

It was a lot of fun recording this. We had a few technical difficulties, but great fun none the less. A CD sounds like a great idea.

Andrea Graham said...

You should be able to burn the podcasts to CD and distribute them I believe, Cyn. Adam's doing something like that with his blogging 101 podcast class.

We've got Adino coming up on the 8th!