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What, you may well ask, is Latoph? Latoph is Caprice Hokstad's creative vision of an enchanted medieval/ renaissance kingdom located in a world, somewhere out there in space. Byntar is a world of dualities: twin moons, twin suns . . . and twin continents that know nothing of the other's existence.

Brimming with adventure, chivalry, and passion, Latoph is a place of beauty and justice, but it has its dark side as well. Rivalry, conspiracy, prejudice and enslavement wreak havoc on the otherwise idyllic existence of a dualistic society ruled by the same glorious dynasty for a millennium . . .

Latoph is also the setting for the CFRBlog's August book: The Duke's Handmaid written by our very own Caprice Hokstad.
This beautifully written and masterfully edited novel is Book One of the Ascendancy Trilogy and though it is officially labeled as "fantasy" it is much more. Caprice successfully weaves elements of sci-fi, adventure, suspense and romance into her story of a country maiden who desires more in her life experiences and gets itin spades.

Keedrina is a young peasant maiden who lives on the outskirts of a prosperous seaport town until marauders kill her family and burn her farmhouse. She reports the tragedy to Duke Vahn, who champions her cause, apprehending the outlaws and meting out justice. Orphaned and homeless, Keedrina envies the slaves who live in fine homes with luxuries she has never had. The duke offers her a position as his indentured servant. With very little left to live on and intrigued with the handsome young noble, Keedrina accepts. Can the simple
farmgirl find a home among the refined servants in the duke's house? Not if the
prejudiced and conniving duchess has her way!

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chrisd said...

Where do you guys get the time to read all these things? Wow!

Caprice Hokstad said...

Thanks for the wonderful introduction, Cyn. Wow. Beautifully written and masterfully edited? That's high praise coming from a professional editor! Thanks also for the nice list of links. A wealth of information. I appreciate your time and kindness.

David said...

I knew I could count on LGG to post something. Great job too. On behalf of CFRB and for Caprice I just want to say thanks.

David Brollier