Reap What You Sow

The life of a writer makes for a great illustration of the biblical truth—you reap what you sow. I remember when I first started writing seriously. One woman mentored me with a firm pen and kindness. I couldn't thank her enough, but I tried. She said, "Enough of that. If you really want to thank me pass it on. Do the same for others."

This past week I came across information about a Flash Fiction contest. It sounded interesting. Fantasy/Sci-Fi preferred, but not required, and only 100 words or less. So I posted the information on another one of my blog for writers. To my surprised the contest promoter thanked me by email. I also heard from a few aspiring writers letting me know they are submitting stories and how excited they are. Things have progressed from there and along the way I've made a few new friends. I've offered to give a couple of my e-books as prizes.

If you are interested in a flash fiction contest, Sci-fi/Fantasy, only 100 words or less—this is one for you. The contest is being put on my Residential Aliens and submissions will be accepted until Sept. 15. Accepted themes must be G or PG. If you're interested, you can find the details at their website.

Top stories will be featured in a special issue of Residential Alien and first and second place winners will receive a copy of one of my books! What more could you ask for.

Seriously, you can never out give God. I challenge you to try.

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