Time zones, sci-fi freaks and Ted Dekker's "Black"

Hey, faithful readers! Sorry I'm late - I think I was up yesterday, but I didn't want to post in the morning as that would have been too early (like the night before) in your time zone... and ended up leaving the computer off for the rest of the day and the evening as well. Oops!

I had a visit from an old friend last week, who brought her husband along. He proceeded to read straight through seven books by Stephen Lawhead, while also completing a full tourist attraction program. I sent the eighth book home with him, since it seemed unlikely to part from him unless he finished it. I was very encouraged by this literary behaviour, and realised that there ARE such things as normal, everyday, intelligent people who are REALLY into sci-fi and fantasy. Made me feel great, because here in Germany I'm too much of an oddity and although I recommend great books to everyone who'll listen, it is VERY rare that someone will read one of them. Let alone eight. Enough said.

Anyway, you're probably wondering what kept me away from the computer for an entire day yesterday. Well might you ask - this is not a common occurrence in my neck of the woods, as my flatmate will no doubt tell you. Perhaps you've guessed already. it was Ted Dekker's "Black". In the process of gathering reviews for my book Faith Awakened (now available at Lulu!), a number of people commented on the similarities between my story and the trilogy Black, Red and White. So I thought I'd better read it.

It sure is a good read. And I can see why people drew parallels to my book - both tales involve characters moving between two alternate realities, utterly different, yet deeply entwined and affecting each other. Mine used sci-fi and virtual reality to change scenes, but Ted's used a much simpler tactic: each time Tom falls asleep, he transfers from one world to the other, or back again. Very well done indeed. I was sorry to see the book is not complete in itself - but I'm still going to get the other two in the series to see how it all ends up. Is the world going to end, or not? That's something I would very much like to find out...


kc said...

Wow, Grace, I can't believe you've never read Black, Red, and White. Ted does the alternate reality thing wonderfully in those books and you will be SHOCKED at the ending. No doubt. :)

cyn said...

Great way to spend a day! And, you deserve a reading-only day after all your efforts getting _Faith Awakened_ out and available!