Matthew 4:1-4 includes the passage where Jesus is led into the wilderness. During our day-to-day living, it's so easy to get lulled into thinking that if we walk close with the Lord that we won't experience difficulties or temptations, but by Christ's example we see that isn't so. If you check out the first verse in Matthew 4, it tells us clearly that "Jesus was led up by the Spirit into the wilderness," and for what purpose? To be tempted by the devil.

I put off writing seriously for most of my adult life because I didn't believe I had time. And while that was partially the reason, I know that part of me procrastinated because I felt inadequate. Well you know what? I am inadequate and will be until the day I go to be with the Lord. If I had waited until I became good enough to write, then I wouldn't be an author today. God doesn't expect me to be perfect—he expects me to be obedient. I am called to write.

And I need to guard my heart and mind in Christ, because as I obey, that unrealistic thought process that nothing will go wrong seeps back into my thinking. It's twisted logic really. Because this world is perishing and things do go wrong and none of us are immune. Whether our trials stem from physical or mental health problems, relational difficulties, financial problems, books that aren't selling or something else, it's easy to get sidetracked. Some days I feel like that with my writing as I struggle to meet a deadline. Then I think of our Lord in the wilderness.

He fasted for 40 days and 40 nights and then Satan tempted him with bread. It's when we are weak that he attacks. As we go through our own wilderness experiences we feel alone, but hold on to this: As a true believer you are not alone. The answer is learning to allow the Holy Spirit to lead. He knows the way through the wilderness.

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