Does Your Opinion Matter

Does Your Opinion Matter?

It seems no matter the topic individuals have opinions that run a gambit matching the diversity of the population. During these days when political rhetoric flies until we're neck high in it, people are encouraged to give their opinions. In fact, most of what people equate to political speeches these days are really not much more than opinion based on skewed facts used to not only support but to propagate that opinion.

Some people express opinions persuasively while others think opinions should be kept to themselves—especially if they deal with politics or religion. These two things are tied to the foundation of this country and I can't imagine what our forefathers might think if they heard such an absurd social tenet. If they had never discussed or publicly lived out their core beliefs…ahh now wait. That's the difference. Their "opinions" where based on core beliefs which they publicly lived. They weren't based on public opinion. It wasn't just a bunch of rhetoric…it was a way of life based on core beliefs that didn't shift. You meant what you said and backed it up with how you lived. What a great idea…

So does your opinion really matter in the long run? Probably not, unless it matches up with God's standard. In the end all opinions will be burned away and what will be left? God's Word.


Todd Michael Greene said...

Just wanted to let you all know I've posted about Light at the Edge of Darkness on my blog A Place Called Fiction. Yesterday I posted about Grace Bridges' Faith Awakened. Last week I posted about Frank Creed's Flashpoint.

Donna Sundblad said...

Thanks for letting me know Todd, I'll have to go take a look.