Submission Guidelines

Today I want to outline some of the items we'll be including in posts to this blog. Remember, anytime you have news of the Lost Genre, let us know: webmaster at lostgenreguild dot com.

To qualify as Lost Genre News, the works we promote must be Christian and also fall into the speculative genre - that is, science fiction, fantasy, horror, or any subgenre of these.

New Releases
The Lost Genre is growing every day, and we want to help the fans keep up with it. Not restricted to members of the Lost Genre Guild, we aim to cover everything that happens in our sphere of interest.

E-zine Updates
The non-paper equivalent of New Releases. There's more to discover!

Because we're just beginning to blog news, this section is not restricted to new sites. We'll be glad to feature any Lost Genre locations.

Author News
Now we get down to the nitty-gritty. Authors may submit their personal news as related to writing and publishing the Lost Genre. Finished a draft? Signed a contract? Have a cover or release date for your coming opus? Let's hear about it.

Industry News
Which publishers are courting the Lost Genre? Where's the next big thing going to happen?

If it didn't fit anywhere else, it might still fit. Contests, reviews, book trailers, author blogs, and the like.

Guest Bloggers...
...are most welcome. If you have something to say about an aspect of the Lost Genre, then say it (short 'n' sweet please, let's say 400 words max) and submit it. We'll be glad to feature guest bloggers up to once a week. Note: This should be aimed mainly at readers, not writers! Exceptions not excluded.

For Writers
We won't forget you! If there's a site to help out budding (or flowering or fruiting) writers, we'll list it here for you as it comes to light.

Let the fun begin!


Martin LaBar said...

I wasn't planning to post anything, but, nonetheless, I have a question about the guidelines. How do you decide if fiction is Christian or not?

Thanks! (I know that that's a difficult question.)

Grace Bridges said...

Thanks for your question, Martin. I see it this way: Christian fiction is defined by...
a) being written by a Christian
b) clearly portraying Christian values/worldview.
Anyone else want to have a say?

Martin LaBar said...

Well, that's probably as close as you are going to get. Thanks.

There are, of course, questions that logically follow the definition you gave, but I'll spare you.


Anonymous said...

Q. What about murder / suspense and mysteries? Did you intend to exclude them, or was that an oversight?

Romance would be another genre, but that's well-represented in publishing, of course.

Grace Bridges said...

Note: We don't usually accept anonymous comments. Please ensure you include a name and link. However, your question needs to be answered so we'll make an exception.

Mysteries, suspense and romance are not speculative fiction. They are very popular mainstream genres and therefore not Lost Genre. Check out the Wikipedia definition for Speculative Fiction.

Of course, a speculative genre is often blended with a mainstream element. That's relevant to us, as long as there's a Christian worldview. Again, the criteria for the Lost Genre: Speculative fiction with a Christian worldview.

Starla Anne Lowry said...

How much of a serial has to be science fiction to be accepted? I have a couple of chapters in my on-line novel that is about half science fiction. The first part is leading up to it.

The sequel is mostly all science fiction and the sequel to that sequel is all science fiction.

Starla Anne Lowry