Blogger Buzz on the Lost Genre Guild

Here's some of the things people are saying about the Lost Genre Guild on the CSFF Blog Tour this week...

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the people who are involved in the Guild...Many of them have enjoyed a small measure of success in the world of publishing, having found publishers for their books, articles, and short stories. Others are newer to this crazy writing world we have immersed ourselves, and are in the process of finding their literary voice. That is why I see the purpose and value of the Guild...All in all, I cannot think of a reason why any writer would not be involved with the Lost Genre Guild.
~ Mike Lynch at http://mikelynchbooks.blogspot.com/2008/12/lost-genre-guild-review.html

Christians who are science fiction, fantasy, and horror fans don't often look on the shelves of their favorite Christian bookstores for the latest and best and the science fiction/fantasy section isn't usually bursting with identifiably Christian offerings either. Frank's site is another attempt to bridge that gap. He has some cool-looking and, in most cases, little known books in his editorial review section, Like many of the people you will meet during our tour, Frank Creed and the authors he represents are doing this as a labor of love.
~ Timothy Wise at http://emporiausa.net/Cafe%20Main%20Page.html

The Lost Genre Guild has taken the lead in addressing the vacuum of Christian speculative fiction on the shelves of Christian bookstores...The group was formed by founder Frank Creed to confront this issue by way of force. We are a large, strong group, and numbers grow daily.
~ Brandon Barr at http://www.christiansciencefiction.blogspot.com

...the Lost Genre Guild seeks to expand the allotted shelf space for this kind of fiction by exploring beyond the safe boundaries of what is currently called "Christian fiction"...
~ Keanan Brand at http://adventuresinfiction.blogspot.com

...the status quo hinders new writers. The Lost Genre Guild helps new writers get noticed and read, even though it isn't a publisher itself.
~ Steve Rice at http://ansric.blogspot.com

Timothy Hicks interviews Frank Creed at http://fantasythyme.blogspot.com

See also interviews with Terri Main, Grace Bridges and Karina Fabian at the Virtual Book Tour de Net.

And don't forget: Tonight at 7PM PST you can join the Lost Genre Chat at Second Life - here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/North%20Bound%20Marina/227/25/25. If you're not registered at SL already then come a bit early to do that, please!


Frank Creed said...

It's crazy that my name pops up as much as it does on this tour--I've been away working on wordcount most of the last year. It's the active members that make the LGG a real community of writers. Everyone's passion for the genre breathes life into the place, and it's great to hear stories by members of how the LGG has made a difference. The Guild has a privacy policy, but most active members are public about membership. One of our newer members who I've seen everywhere is Rick Copple from Double Edged Publishing. Look for fiction, old and new, by Terri Main, Caprice Hokstead, Grace Bridges, Karina Fabian Brandon Barr, Mike Lynch, Johne Cook, Steve Doyle, Andrea Graham, Scott Sandridge, Sherry Thompson, and Paulette Harris.
One artist at a time is so finite, but together we're a cell in the Body of Christ, seeking to glorify the Boss. It's kwite kewl.


Frank Creed said...

I'd like to bring attention to one more person. Someone who intentionally stays behind the scenes in the LGG. I founded the concept, but have no tech skills. My editor Cynthia Mackinnon (whom I wound-up marrying), is the owner of the LGG, because she does 99% of the work, and pays for our domain-stuff. Talk about a labor of love . . .


Terri said...

No Frank, it isn't crazy. You started this. Along the way you created a movement. I believe that if Christian/Biblical Spec fiction explodes, LGG will be at the center of that explosion and you will have lit the fuse.

LGG has changed my life as I put in my blog entry for this topic. I couldn't even remain objective enough to do a review or a report. So, I had to do my personal journey.

Thanks to all of you.


TWCP Authors said...

Psst Grace,

Steve Rice's link doesn't work.