Websites relating to the Lost Genre

There are masses of websites out there dealing with genre subjects close to our hearts. Let's take a look at some of the headline acts:

This appears at first glance to be a guide for concerned Christian parents wondering if Harry Potter & Co. will lead their young 'uns into darkness. It's much more than that - you'll find recommendations on a large number of books both Christian and secular, reviewed by Christians and with a focus on the young adult age group.

A Christian commentary blog on fantasy literature and movies, plus frequent short stories to make you think.

"Where Believers Dare to Dream..." A portal connecting you to author sites, blogs, comics, ebooks, fans and zines that come under Christian sci-fi.

A vast and sprawling site including author interviews, writers' tools, a huge booklist, genre artworks, forums and more.

A team blog commenting on issues related to Christian speculative fiction and Christian views on secular movies and literature.

This site appears to be under construction, but it already contains extensive catalogues of authors and books. Worth keeping an eye on!

Christian Fandom
An interdenominational fellowship of fans interested in the courteous and accurate representation of Christian viewpoints in genre fiction fan communities.

Biblical spculative fiction at WikipediaWritten by a member of the Lost Genre Guild, this serves as a simple introduction to the topic.

Christian science fiction at Wikipedia
A short description from the secular viewpoint.

A History of Christian Fantasy at The Sword Review
With the release of The Lord of the Rings trilogy and Narnia in the movie theaters, a lot of controversy has risen about the Christian fantasy genre. What are its roots? Why do we love it? Here is the truth about the genre.


Anonymous said...

Interesting notes on your views to Christian fiction. I share your interests in getting the Christian lit out to the mainstream. This can be a huge obstacle and marketing challenge.

For a quick blurb on my struggle, check out my October Christian Horror post to my Blog at http://www.glennsasscer.com/wordpress/2008/10/

Glenn Sasscer

Brandon Barr said...

This is a great list.