CSFF Tour for Cyndere's Midnight

This week the Christian Sci-Fi and Fantasy Tour is featuring Cyndere's Midnight by Jeffrey Overstreet. Here are a few links to review posts:

Rebecca LuElla Miller - "...not just a fanciful adventure. There’s more going on under the surface."

Brandon Barr - "Having found beautiful writing before in Aurelia's Colors, I was looking forward to more of the same...and I was not disappointed. With just this one excerpt, I immediately recognize a gifted writer."

John Ottinger - "Jeffrey Overstreet is the only author I know of that can actually force me to slow down my reading and soak up each and every word he writes."

Steve Rice - "...the book can function as a modern chrestomathy for those wanting to improve their style."

Fred Warren - "Overstreet has created a world both familiar and alien, just a little askew from our own, and populated it with memorable characters."

Each of these posts also contains links to many other reviews and comments. Take a look...

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