Great Interviews and Stories!

Hey there, here's another batch of great weekend reading for you!

First up we have Part 1 of the Christian Speculative Fiction Panel at Novel Journey. Here, three veterans of the genre get together to discuss issues surrounding our favourite type of literature. Join Frank Creed, Jeff Gerke, Rebecca LuElla Miller, and many blog commenters in this fascinating conversation. Part two is due next month.

The Insider at Silver Leaf Books brings us an in-depth interview with Mike Lynch and Brandon Barr as they let us in on the secrets of their collaborative authorship for the upcoming novel When The Sky Fell.

And Mindflights Magazine has published three new stories for you:

The Summons by Brandon J. Boone - A man’s worth to society is on trial. If he is found wanting it will cost him his life.

Redemption by Shea McCandless - Dirk lives with an alcoholic mother. There's no heat in the house, but he thinks more about what it would be like to save his father and bring him back home.

Singing Me Home by Jenny Schwartz - Each of us is the person we choose to be—-choice by choice we discover what is important to us and where we belong. It's not an easy road we travel, but there are miracles around every corner—sometimes we just need a little science to see them.

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