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Check out this new review of Seabird by Sherry Thompson, posted by Phyllis Wheeler: "I really enjoyed this book. Sherry Thompson excels at character development. She gets inside Cara’s self-centered head very well, and also shows her gradual turnaround."

Rick Copple
I wanted to sell not only my ebook downloads, but also my on-hand
physical copies of my books. So, I went ahead and installed a shopping
cart and made it official and all.

Check out my store at: http://www.rlcopple.com/store/

If you have an IPhone or IPod Touch, you can download the ebooks
right to your device on either EReader or Stanza by going to the site
within those programs.

And the good news is, now on sale in PDF, EPUB, or PDB format, is my new
book Transforming Realities.

Mike Lynch says:
An interview Brandon and I did in Novel Journey for our upcoming book just came out today. Not only did we get to talk about the novel, but we also had a chance to discuss the importance of the Lost Genre Guild, and the role Christian speculative fiction plays in society. Check it out.


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