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This week saw the CSFF Blog Tour hosting Hunter Brown and the Secret of the Shadow by the Miller Brothers. Click here for links to the tour's top bloggers.

Interested in worldbuilding? Join Karina Fabian at the CWG Chat room Sunday, March 22, from 9-11 Eastern (US) time, as I give some basics and answer questions in a live chat.
Click on CWG Chat in the Community menu.

New at Mindflights: The Turnip Farmer by C.C. Moore ~ Tabor seems like a simple farmer, but it's dangerous to make assumptions.

This from Andrea Graham: Though it's a little confused about what season it is, the winter 2009 issue of Laser & Sword is out and has a gorgeous cover:

Latest issue

In our action packed serials:
-The apparent murder of the Russian hero, Defender sends the eighteen inch tall hero, Small Packages, on a quest to find the killer. Meanwhile, after being retired for 13 years, can Captain Justice make a comeback with Earth's heroes gone?
-Jirel has to act quickly before a fem fatale kills again. Her next target: Private A.L. Snyder.
-Powerhouse faces the Invisibility Master, while Marcos and Night Lord close in on Reverend Jones, whose inner city ministry is cutting in on their drug profits.

And get a preview look at R.L. Copple's new release Transforming Realities coming very soon from Double-Edged Publishing.

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