Update from Marcher Lord Press

From Jeff Gerke: The New Books Are A Success!
Despite the delay caused by my trip to China to adopt our little girl, the second set of Marcher Lord Press titles successfully released in April.
The trip and preparation for it caused me to lose about six weeks that I would've been using to finilize the list, but we didn't have a six-week delay to the launch, as we had been expecting. By the grace of God, the books were actually shipping on April 15.
These new novels continue to receive great reviews. And, as a surprise bonus, they became available on Amazon only days after being released officially on the Marcher Lord Press site.
MLP Season 2 CoversSo if you're waiting for that free shipping or you live outside the Continental U.S., now's the time to take advantage of their availability through Amazon.
The books are also available in Kindle versions through Amazon! Thanks to MLP novelist Jill Williamson for making that happen.
If you haven't ordered your copies of all three new MLP titles yet...what are you waiting for? LOL. I hope you'll avail yourself of these new novels from the premier publisher of Christian speculative fiction.
And if you've loved By Darkness Hid by the aforementioned Jill Williamson, you'll want to catch her interview over at WhereTheMapEnds.
By the way, the MLP store site does have a place to write reviews. I'd love to see your comments on these books--both at the MLP store site and at Amazon and elsewhere.
Buying MLP novels and promoting them where you can--it's one way you can advance the cause of Christian speculative fiction. Thank you for what you do.

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