News on September 16th, 2009

Johne Cook says:

Ray Gun Revival magazine celebrates it's third anniversary with Issue 54. Get it now! http://ping.fm/DPtel

The Overlords' Lair: RGR's Third Anniversary by Johne Cook

Sky Voices by Alice Roelke
She remembered how she'd wished for the stars. It seemed ironic, now.

Just A Room, Out In Space by Matthew Wimmer
Choices can be hard to make, but what happens when they are made for you?

What World is Made Of by Casey Chan
In a world built on lies, a futuristic test prep expert tries telling the truth with disastrous consequences.

Calamity's Child, Chapter Eight - ROP: King in the Corner by M. Keaton
Serial Fiction

C.Moira's Choice by Donald Jacob Uitvlugt
TA space marshal hunts a fugitive on a barren planet but finds things are not as she was led to believe.

Featured artist Christian Nauck, Germany

Tales of the Breaking Dawn: The Ties That Bind, Part Three by Justin R. Macumber
Serial Fiction
The crew of the star-freighter First Light Of The Breaking Dawn must race against time and enemy fire, where the finish line lies directly between worlds at war.

Deuces Wild, Season Two, Space-pale by L. S. King
Serial Fiction

RGR Reviews: Book Reviews by and Matthew Winslow and Donald Jacob Uitvlugt
Reviewed this month:
The Company Series, by Kage Baker
Empress of Mars, by Kage Baker
Three Unbroken, by Chris Roberson

The Adventures of the Sky Pirate, Chapter 27: Enter the Barracuda by Johne Cook
Serial Fiction
We left Cooper Flynn and The Friar of Briar Island at a crucial crossroads nearly a year ago. After a long and brutal bout with writer's block, the series rebounds with the introduction of... well, you'll see.

Blind Bart has what it takes to make it to old age, including duplicity, cunning, and a voracious capacity for rum. None of that bodes well for Cooper Flynn or the bounty hunter who's picked up his trail...

Thieves' Honor: Episode Nine - Endgame, Part Two by Keanan Brand
Serial Fiction


Karina Fabian says: Hello, Hello, DragonEye, PI, fans!

This is to let you know the next issue of A Dragon's Eye View is available for download. (Click here.). I'm going to be looking into an e-zine service for subsequent issues so you won't need to go through the hassle of downloading in the future. However, this issue is worth it! Vern and I talk about zombies and a fun new anthology called The Zombie Cookbook, in which I have two stories.

Piggy-backing this great news is some sad news for those eagerly awaiting the next DragonEye, PI, novel, Live and Let Fly. By mutual agreement, Swimming Kangaroo and I have decided I should take the manuscript to a bigger publisher. You can read more on the DragonEye, PI, website. At any rate, I give you my promise: I will have this contracted in a year. You will see Live and Let Fly in 2011/2012. In the meantime, I will continue to write stories for magazines and for sale on my website. Vern and Grace are not going away!

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