News on September 25th, 2009

Lyndon Perry says:

Now broadcasting in high definition storytelling.

I’m excited to pack this issue with 5 solid-length short stories! Nothing against flash (I published three short fictions in August) but I thought we’d get into some real plot development this month. Plus, I’m featuring 4 new-to-these-pages authors, and bringing back veteran Stoney Setzer to round out 3.3. Here’s what you can expect…

The first story, “Doctor Glesan” by Margaret Karmazin & Amalia Weinberg, is an alien abduction story which you should read while listening to The Killers as they sing Spaceman. Next up is Michael W. Garza’s speculative science fiction “Return to Sender.” The story illo is a big hint…you’ll like the ending too. I enjoy fantasy humor so Samuel Choy’s “Emperor Fred” is, I think you’ll agree, a fun diversion. Next, AJ Cooper (from here at SFReader!) offers a darker fantasy, “Angrok the Avenger” – a fast paced sword and sorcery tale. And the last story, “The Pride of Guillermo” by Stoney M. Setzer, is a bit of a conspiracy thriller with a lesson or two thrown in.

So there’s something for everyone. I hope you like the variety. Feel free to leave comments for the authors at the bottom of their stories. We’ll chat with you next month. Your fellow alien, Lyn


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