Update from Marcher Lord Press - Sept 09

Jeff Gerke announces: The Third List
As I announced last time, the third release list of Marcher Lord Press titles is almost upon us. October 1, 2009 marks not only the release of the new books but the first anniversary of Marcher Lord Press.
And as if releasing three new novels wouldn't be enough of a celebration, I'll also be offering some fun packages, freebies, and/or bundles on Launch Day.
Mark your calendar and be sure to get to the MLP store on October 1.
List 3 Covers--GreyYou'll want to catch Kirk Outerbridge's Eternity Falls, about a cybernetically enhanced detective who must solve the mystery of why a trusted "miracle treatment" that lets people live forever is suddenly failing. Read a sample chapter here and an interview with Kirk here.
You'll want to read A Star Curiously Singing by Kerry Nietz, about a slave/programmer who is tasked with learning why a robot tore itself limb from limb on a deep space mission. What secrets await--what voices emerge--around that curiously singing star far away? Read a sample chapter here and an interview with Kerry here.
And you'll definitely want to meet Baden Haczyk, teenage son of a space frigate captain, in Steve Rzasa's space opera, The Word Reclaimed. In this future, all religions are banned--but a dangerous discovery may lay bare great treachery and upset the delicate peace. Read a sample chapter here and an interview with Steve here.

Before becoming a MLP author, Steve Rzasa entered a writing competition through Athanatos Christian Ministries. The story Steve entered, "Rescued," is short fiction from the universe featured in The Word Reclaimed. In August, Steve found out that his story had won the G.K. Chesterton Award. Check it out here. Congratulations, Steve!

So with a new set of terrific covers and amazing stories from the future, Marcher Lord Press is again set to show why it is the premier publisher of Christian speculative fiction.
And don't forget to take advantage of the special goodies and bundles on Launch Day: October 1.

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Anonymous said...

How have sales been going for your first two release batches? And what is the proportion of sales from the Christian end vs from the SF end? I've always been a proponent of Mainstreaming into the main SF litfandom.

I'm leery of a publisher without physical presence in bookstores -- how are you going to get casual buyers who are NOT plugged into the Web or online for advertising and reviews? Most of my discoveries of novels and series I liked came from random browsing in bookstores; how are you going to factor that in?

Ken Pick
(I'm on the LGG listgroup if you want to reply/post privately.)