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Respect the Ninja! Feed the Zombie!

If you should find yourself alone on a leaf littered street, alone, late at night, that sound you hear-like a dry whisper-might not be the wind carrying a leaf across the pavement. It might be zombies! Or ninjas! It all depends on which of the following websites you're checking out AND which of the future books you snag.

This was a very trying year for me and essentially wiped out my sense of humor. As part of my quest to find that sense of humor again, I have dived headlong into two humor projects (both under pen names) and have completed two books that are both disgustingly funny. The first book, THE NINJA'S PATH is an inspirational gift book for ninjas. The second, THE ZOMBIE'S WAY is an inspirational gift book for zombies. To celebrate their completion I have launched two websites. In the future, both sites will feature the published books as well, but right now they're simply full-up with funny zombie and ninja related media.

What's better than that is that I'm looking for funny photos and videos to post (with a new post up daily I will eventually run dry on what I can dig up or create myself). So visit the sites and follow the links for "Submit to the Ninja" and "Feed the Zombie" to send in your funny pics and videos.

Visit ZombieFlarg here.

Visits NinjaHappens here.

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