It's Been a Great Year...

The other day I realised that it's been over a year since I restarted this blog. The thought surprised me slightly, as I wasn't sure I'd be able to pull it off. But posting has been regular - or at least semi-regular - throughout the last 12 months, and in fact there is no shortage of material to fill up these posts with news from our favourite genres.

One reason for this, I believe, is that there is such a lot happening in this arena. Look at the success of Marcher Lord Press, the increasing acceptance of "weird" stories by markets we would never have imagined possible, and all the great books that have come out in this year alone. Independent publishing ventures and high-quality e-zines continue to sprout and grow at amazing speeds, while the old guard keeps producing the fine stories we're used to.

I'm continually motivated to keep this up when I read the stats reports each week. We are getting lots of readers, and you're one of them - thanks very much for coming back! So what is it that keeps us on your blog list? Is there anything you'd like to see more of around here? Or something new you'd like us to try?

Also, does anyone have any idea how we could get more comment interaction happening? I realise news snippets don't usually warrant that kind of thing, so what could we maybe add to the mix?

If you are a writer or publisher of Christian spec-fic, you are most welcome to write a guest post on here at any time and make use of our large reader base. Just get in touch!


Walt said...

Me thinks the lady has been and is doing a dang good job with this blog. I invite you, my fellow ladies and gentlemen (and other entities?) of spec fiction, to join me in a round of eletronic applause for her and her efforts.

cathikin said...

Just want to say I'm glad you took on the job. Even though I didn't feel I could be of anyhelpwith it, I missed this blog. You've been doing a great job keeping up on stuff, too, inspite of your own insane life events over the past year. Mazeltov!