News for February 16th, 2010

After a quiet weekend, it's time to jump back into the fray with all your favourite LGG happenings!

T.W. Ambrose, editor of the Digital Dragon Magazine, announces that his short story The Pilgrimage won first place in the Preditors & Editors poll for Best Sci-Fi & Fantasy Short Story of 2009. Check out what he's got to say about that here.

An enterprising Englishwoman has made an independent spin-off movie as a companion to the legendary Lord of the Rings trilogy. LGG member Peter Grant explains the background at his blog, where you can also view the 70 minute movie in its entirety.

At the New Authors Fellowship, Keven Newsome comments on Paul Baines' unpublished novel Alpha, which deals with space travel and the ability of an artificial intelligence to discover God.

For writers: The Wordplay blog has an article about a fascinating approach to improving your writing by reviewing your own work. Check out this unusual idea right here.

And lastly today we have two new LGG member reviews for The Muse by Fred Warren: one by Kat Heckenbach, and one by Greg Mitchell. Thanks guys!

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